Plus Markets trying to make me look like a crazy fool!

So yesterday the Plus Markets website said that 40 Arsenal shares had been sold in the morning, in two batches of 20, and I wrote a blog about it. Today they apparently realised that that hadn’t happened, and in fact it was only one block of 20 shares that were sold. They removed one of the trades from the list on their website. I’ll let Mr T explain:

“Listen up suckers, those crazy fools at Plus Markets don’t even know what day of the week it is. They say 40 shares are traded, Mr T knows that happens as often as Mr T eats airline food. They left that on their internet website for damn near 36 hours before it suddenly disappeared like Faceman in a fight. I ain’t no shrink, but I don’t shrink from the truth neither, and the truth is it’s one almighty screw-up. My man @AngryOfN5 phoned the suckers and the no-good fools told him they put the second trade on there and should have cancelled the first one! If Hannibal executed a plan that bad the A-Team wouldn’t have got past the pilot show. Then they give my man some jibber-jabber about getting the price wrong the first time, but the fools took the second trade off the website!  God-damn! Mr T knows as much about shares as he does about flying a damn plane, but he knows a screw-up when he sees one, and those Plus Market suckers be eating their own words pretty soon, if they don’t want to be eating fist from Mr T!”

28 Aug – two trades of 20 shares each

29 August – now you see it, now you don’t

9 thoughts on “Plus Markets trying to make me look like a crazy fool!

  1. Still a warning to Stan though? Whilst on the one hand, if he did push through a complete takeover it would remove the Uz problem, and maybe quieten down the AAA a little? But it would also take out the fan-share sheme, which would be a shame.

  2. Between September 2011 and 24 August 2012, Stan (i.e., KSE UK) purchased 44 shares. Usmanov bought 292. That leaves 2142 shares not owned by those two (3.45%). So they are both gradually upping their stakes.
    According to my internet trawling, Hill-Wood owns nearly 500 and Keswick something short of 200. Do you know if this still applies?

    • Kroenke hasn’t bought any since at least Feb (the figures made it look as though he’d bought two in about May, but that was correcting a previous admin error). If you have figures from before I started noting them in Feb from, I’d be grateful for a copy.
      Hill-Wood and Keswick don’t have any – Stan is the only Board member who does now. See my recent post on ‘Who Owns All Arsenal Shares.’

      • There is are wikipedia pages on who owns football clubs. the numbers for Stan and AU were quoted from early Sept 2011 (presumably from the same dot com page that you’ve been checking since Feb). At that point Stan had 41537 and AU 18204.

        Most stuff on the web is out of date – hence my queries about H-W and Chips. Thanks for the clarification..

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