Arsenal Release Statement: Everything Will Be Fine

Official statement just released, so no need to worry.


17 thoughts on “Arsenal Release Statement: Everything Will Be Fine

  1. Ivan can go jump off the North Bank bridge if he doesn’t deliver what we need to compete.
    The rest of the board can go with him.

    As for Wenger, he has delivered great success so I propose we build him his statue, but we’ll encase him in it so he can’t cluster fuck our team anymore.

  2. Not good enough Arsenal.All you do is fill us with spill and never deliver.Yet again not a bean spent and that yank fill’s he’s pockets again.

    I.m telling you thing’s need to change at this club.So p’d off.

  3. I think all the fans should boycott the spurs game (though it’ll never happen).

    If having an empty stadium against your hated rivals doesn’t change things then nothing will.

  4. Wenger should learn from his mistakes, cuz it seems †̥ me he is losing his senses. I think he is contempted with just goin †̥ champions alone. Gosh they all suck

  5. Too bad too bad. Here we go again. “In Arsene we trust” In dis-appoinment we leave forever. Arsenal should forget a 4th place finish. Things will never change for the better if we don’t get rib of these good for nothing idiots.

  6. The only way to get at the board is hurt them in the pocket. We pay the money and in return what do we get year out????

  7. We can get rid of the board if we want but it seems as Arsenal fans we are not being taken seriously when we complain as they know that as we are proper fans we don’t want to disrupt match day. If the AST actually made a direct appeal with a demand to spend more then we make we might get some where but they will never do it as they are too scared of loosing there seat at the table. We need a popular website and celeb gooners who think we need to change to combine and start an appeal on facebook to demand more money to be spent on the right players as the current board are lining there pockets. Without that indorsement it won’t get the publicity it needs as with this petition to get usmanov in (save arsenal fc) has virtually no signatures. We all know we are being taken for a ride but yet none of us are prepared to get off and stop spending money on our club and thats becoming genuinly difficult at the prices we are being charged (we are officially the most expensive club to support in the world!) So what can we do? Protest outside the ground and make sure the media are involved? Any suggestions?

  8. wenger is playing with the fans heart. why he is soo hard like that. we need already made striker in the team who have idea of the epl some one like dzeco well be ok for as and just add one essien on loan and we will be ok that is all we need to do i dont no why we keep so long on this and playing with the fans heart

  9. There is no real problem in getting rid of the Silent One: stay away from games – no owner can survive with an empty stadium. The problem lies within ourselve – no fan finds it easy to stop supporting his club. Which is why I can’t bring myself to state the obvious: if we want Arsenal rid of the current disastrous regime, then staying away is what needs to be done.

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