Arsene Wenger Releases Early Christmas Card

Mr Wenger has heard there may be a small amount of anxiety among Arsenal fans at present. He would just like to reassure you with this comforting message:

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13 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger Releases Early Christmas Card

  1. Phil.

    Where on earth did you find John Pearson?

    Check the Cash Flow of £160,229,000 millions and over half is prepayments for Advance Season tickets sales and Value Added Tax (payable in June, I suspect). Go back in time, check the Chairman’s statement in the November 2007 Half-Yearly Report.

    I have only just noticed the John Pearson cherry picking article. Professor Stefan Szymanski of the University of Michigan, has a faith in his wages database that I cannot share. I know a German has completely misunderstood Herbert Chapman’s 95% comment in that excellent book – Herbert Chapman on Football. I am suspecting that Herbert may have misled the professor?

    If it is about Baby Peter Connolly and other abused children in Islington, you are quite right to be angry?


    • Umm, I think you must be referring to John Pickford rather than John Pearson. John Pickford believes there are big cash balances available at Arsenal.

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