Kroenke or Usmanov: if you have to have one, which?

Just out of interest, I want to see if Mr Kroenke is currently more popular than Mr Usmanov among Arsenal fans. It’s a straight popularity contest, not a discussion on the best ownership model, which for the record would not have either of them or anyone else as majority or sole owner.

I’m also asking about where you are located to see if there is a marked difference in the views of UK based fans and others, so it would be useful if you answer both questions. I’m not saying UK fans know better – or worse! – just interested to see the result.

Use the link to cast your vote. Results tomorrow. Thanks.

32 thoughts on “Kroenke or Usmanov: if you have to have one, which?

  1. Never trust the yankees’ involvement in english football. See their negative influence at liverpool, man utd and arsenal. They dont even understand that their NFL dont play football but ‘running handball’. hypocrites.

  2. The problem of either / or surveys is that they don’t get to the problem , a tick box for neither would have been useful although my preference would be for an equal divide with a more dynamic board so that neither could force things without forming a consensus.

  3. usmanov..coz he is realy gooner and he loves the team….
    he need’s to bold our team like city or chelsea
    he need’s to keep our best players not kroenke
    he came here as a arsenal fun not making money like kroenke
    he is the reachst man in rassia more more then abrahmovic 4 chelsei

    i bleave if get the managing of arsenal he will do more then what i told you

  4. Personally I would rather Usmanov at least he knows about English football not the so called American style of soccer. Plus Usmanov actually attends games at The Emirates which is more than can be said of Kroenke (or Kronick as I call him). All he’s interested in is franchises and from what I gather most of his purchases of Americal Football Clubs they end up going bust, plus isn’t it his wife who holds the purse strings!!. It’s just a pity Usmanov can’t purchase enough shares to be able to buy out Kroenke then at least we might see some movement, but at the moment all the present board and Peter Hill-Wood are interested in is lining their own pockets and don’t care if Arsenal win another trophy as long as we make a profit, we seem to have lost our identity as a once great football club with a history.

  5. Kronke all the way.

    Not because he’s a good owner as such, but because I’d much rather have a capitalist yank than a corrupt Uzbek responisble for mass genocide.

    Any Gooner who realistically wants Uzmanov is not a true Gooner in my opinion.

      • Read up about him you idiot.
        Theres literally shit loads of information on him and what he was responsible for.
        I would hazzard a guess that its you thats don’t know what he’s on about.

        All your doing it looking at short term gain and not taking a guys character into account. Your blinkered by trophies – aka wannabe glory hunter.

        Some things are bigger than football.
        Innocent lives being one of them

        End of.

    • Where is there any evidence of “mass genocide” and against which race. As for not being a true Gooner, as you say, only your opinion, for what it’s worth!!!

    • NO wonder wenger’s hands continue to be tied, phw says cant compete with others in transfer market. So, a money lover is more important than a lover of the club. Dont try to pretend to be moral yourself.

  6. Honestly I prefer Usmanov atleast he is talking while Kroenke remain absolutely silent about the situation in Arsenal, Sagna recently voice his annoyance on the club which to me and I believe every loyal fan of this club share because we can not continue to loose our best player every season, we need someone to change this trend, I believe Usmanov can.

  7. I’d rather have neither, but if I have to choose into who’s hand I would place our 126 year old club it wouldn’t be the one who became very, very ,very rich very quickly in a country where corruption is rampant and political opponents are eliminated with unimaginable cruelty.

  8. Usmanov is d future. Kronick or wateva is just Capitalist who only knows about is own Pocket. He & co board members are just a bunch of LOSSErS.


  10. ursmanov!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kroenke is a complete error of the last order

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