Arsenal 6 Southampton 1 – Let’s not get carried away. Oh sod it, let’s get carried away!

Ha ha, just kidding ya, it’s too early to be getting very excited. Mind you, a convincing win is always good for the soul, though when Arsenal get six or even seven it always looks like they should have got into double figures, such is the number of chances created, the overwhelming superiority of possession, and virtually every other stat you can think of. But 6-1, well you can’t complain. Mind you, you know me, I’ll have a go. Well, not complain as such, but there is always an alternative viewpoint, and I’m a seeker of perfection.

Gervinho got in with a couple, which makes it one of his most effective performances. Good points: confidence must be coming back, and a couple of goals could get him in the groove. Bad points: still wasteful with the ball. One game doesn’t change anything much overall, I just hope it’s a sign of good things to come. And he needs to be able to score in the big games too, not just the ones where we are strolling.

Podolski: surely man of the match. He showed his quality and if we have someone who can take a free-kick as well then we’re laughing, because I lost count of the number we wasted last season. I was surprised anyone doubted his quality at all. Surely he’s already done enough to show that he will be a big, big player for us? (Watch out, the jinx is now on.)

Szczesny: oh dear. I’ve said before I think lack of concentration is one of his biggest problems. When did we last have a keeper who was actually good on crosses and high balls? You can say – and no doubt many will – give it a rest, we won 6-1. Fair enough on the day, but you have to look longer term as well, and lack of concentration in a keeper is what costs you points over a season. It’s also frustrating not to keep the clean sheet run going, but of course a win is the important thing.

I just hope Szczesny is absolutely gutted to have made such an error. There’s nothing to say we would have kept a clean sheet with Mannone in goal of course, and I still think Chezzer is the best of the mediocre bunch of keepers we’ve got. I’ve just heard Arsène being interviewed, and he said we should have kept goals against to nil – I hope if he’s not prepared to dish out a bollocking to the keeper then Steve Bould will. No point drilling the defence until they reach the standards Bould and his colleagues set if the keeper is going to be a permanent weak link.

Gibbs seems to be coming into his own, which is great to see. At least we’ll have competition for places all over the defence as long as everyone stays fit. This may not be the case up front, where to me the squad is thin.

Talking of up front, Giroud, perhaps inevitably, failed to score after so many had pointed out all the Arsenal greats who started their scoring against Southampton. I see Arseblog was joking during the game that OG was off the mark, ho ho – sadly it’s own goals who become our joint highest scorer. The positive side of that is you rarely score an own goal if you’re not putting a lot of pressure on – Lee Dixon and his famous 35-yard chip over David Seaman being an honourable exception to that rule.

I haven’t even mentioned Cazorla, the Coq, most of the defence, or even Theo’s cameo and goal (the cameo is perhaps his best position). Good stuff all round today, there really is very little to complain about in the performance.

Southampton are apparently the seventh biggest spenders in Europe this summer, while we of course made a profit, albeit a small one. The Saints are obviously spending all the extra money they’ll get from being in the Premier League early, in an effort to try and stay in the Premier League – the Championship is skint these days, so no one is spending there. Will they succeed and stay up? To be honest I don’t really care – I don’t have any strong feelings about them either way, but they have had a very hard start to the season. Our shift is about to get tougher. But at least we go into the tough games on a bit of a roll, which can’t be bad.

Nicest of all we are now comfortably in the upper echelons of the table where we belong:

And now for the Champions League. Mind the gap, everyone.

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11 thoughts on “Arsenal 6 Southampton 1 – Let’s not get carried away. Oh sod it, let’s get carried away!

  1. Little harsh on Giroud – He only got 20 minutes and with Theo misfiring as badly as he was he never really got the ball in a decent position. I thought Giroud should have come on earlier to give him more time against a fairly dodgy defence. He will score. His movement’s too good for him to have a long barren run.

  2. You’re just a charicature of yourself, no place for your moaning today so just do everyone a favour and leave todays posting to “supporters” not doom merchants.

  3. All very promising today. The only dogy performance was chesney, both in relation to the goal and his distribution. Southampton were fairly rubbish, so cannot take too much from this game. The defence was solid, the midfield was mobile andpressed well when not in possession. allof thye defence got forward at times. Pod and gervinho were excellent. MOM for me was Pod – so strong on the ball and not too primadona to chase when he doesn’t have the ball. Giroud will come good. Carzola is still genius. Much better team than last year.

  4. The moment I knew Podolski was signed I told everyone who follows AFC that he’d be the best striker we ever brought in bar none! I saw him with a crap team in the Bundesliga score 15 goals and absolutely dominate even Bayern and Dortmund with his force,drive and determination. Now we have Gervinho, Cazorla ,soonWilshere/Rosicky and Diaby showing their form we can expect even better results provided we keep this attitude and energy going.

  5. @ angryof islington
    Very good post. You’ve hit top form as well.
    “the cameo is perhaps his best position” – heheheh

    Szczesny: His over-confidence is his biggest problem, I think. Still, better than lack of confidence.
    His ‘schoolboy error’ is an early wake-up call, and somewhat ironically, could actually benefit him and the team. Due to that mistake I doubt we’ll see such an error from him again this season.

    Agreed on all other points. Thanks for an entertaining read.

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