Last week I did a survey to gauge the relative popularity of Arsenal’s two billionaire shareholders. This showed a marked preference for Alisher Usmanov over Stan Kroenke. Although no one can be sure what actions Usmanov would take if he were in charge (I know he SAYS he’d spend money, but he also says he’s not buying shares for any more than £14k a pop, and I’m pretty sure that’s not true), it’s clear that a lot of people are fed up with Silent Stan, especially when there is a viable alternative waiting.

You can see the full result of the previous survey here.

Now I want to see what ownership model Arsenal fans really want. How many would want Usmanov (or Kroenke) if there was another good option? Gooners worldwide are welcome to take the survey, because ultimately it affects all of us. Please click the link:

The survey takes less than two minutes!*


Twitter: @AngryOfN5


*This assumes you know what you want.



  1. For me, the main prerequisite is a regime which places glory before profit – something which the current regime clearly does not. In all my many years as an Arsenal supporter I have never known anyone – be it owner, manager or player – as deeply disliked as the members of the Troika – Illy, Ivan and the Silent One. And with good reason. Would Usmanov be any better? My gut instinct (nothing much more) tells me that he will be a massive improvement on what we have. There is no evidence that we will be a sugar-daddy (like Roman and the Sheikh) He believes in self-sustainability , but with him income will be devoted to the benefit of the Club, not his pocket. He is an admirer of Arsene. He is an advocate of fanshare ownership – in other words, he will take the opinions of fans seriously – not treat us with the contempt we have grown used to lately. My guess is that he will appoint worthy professionals to run the Club (not a two-dimensional spin merchant like Ivan and a mercenary arrogant figure-head lke Illy) and that he will not interfere. He will expect results, of course – trophies, a place at the very pinnacle of pro football. He professes to be a fan – which Stanley is not – and the fact that he has shown concern for the Arsenal history and tradition – the lost ‘soul’ of Arsenal under the current hierarchy – indicates that he is,indeed, a fan. So Usmanov over Kroenke, any time and the sooner the better.

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