Wilshere’s Return

Last week The Times celebrated the return of one of the few English footballers under 50 who have a chance of being described as World Class with any degree of honesty. As usual with these features, there is little that’s different to every other feature on a player: he loves playing, he missed it, his family got him through, it was tough watching all the others go off without him, yada yada yada. Click to enlarge and read it yerself if you’re so inclined.

I will just point out a couple of things. Jack describes his injuries in some detail, and there is no suggestion of any wrong diagnosis or other issues with the medical team. However, I’d really love to see a week by week diary of what they discovered and what they were doing about it. He had more setbacks than Sisyphus. There is a lot of art – guesswork if you like – in medicine as well as the science, but were lessons learned? Talking of which, where are Diaby and Rosicky?

And finally, one comment that should give all Arsenal fans some hope for the future: “Home for me is Arsenal”. We can only hope that stays true as long as it did for Tony Adams. 

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2 thoughts on “Wilshere’s Return

  1. ‘Home is Arsenal for me’. I seem to recall something similar from Robin. And others. And even for a while with Cesc the lure of Barca seemed less that the pull of Arsene and Arsenal. Along with many other fine players (Patrick,Thierry, Robert, Gilberto, etc), all of them proud and loyal Arsenal fans who would have preferred to stay – but left. For loyalty is a two-way street – and whereas loyalty used to be a cornerstone on which the old Arsenal stood rock-solid, this is no longer the case. Greedy owners more than greedy players, I think. So if Man C (or Barca) should come calling for young Jack, it may be an offer Ivan cannot refuse.

  2. Your probably correct “englandsbest” the scent of money does turn heads. But i’m practicing to be an optimist so I shall continue to believe that blood may indeed be thicker than water and that loyalty may be worth something tangible after all ……but i’m not holding my breath !

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