What Is A ‘Big Club’?

big club definition


8 thoughts on “What Is A ‘Big Club’?

  1. I’m not sure what the significants of being a big club is ? Yes, sure, bragging rights !!!!!!
    So we are a bigger club than City. I was at a game at Crystal Palace when Wimbledon played there. City had about 200 away fans. Look at them now.
    We need to look forward not back !!!!!!!!

  2. Has it won the double in three different decades?

    Has it won a double in two different millenia?

    Has it gone a whole season unbeaten in the league?

    Has it never been relegated from the top flight?

    Has it won 3 consecutive titles in its first 50 years of existence?

    Has it gone to the top of the league on goal difference on the first day of the season and stayed there for the whole season?

    Has it won the league without the assitance of a billionaire, Mike Riley or Howard Webb?

    It’s funny though how Man U fans (incl the media) always reckon you can only be a big club if you’ve done something they’ve done……………..and if they start going on about the treble then refer them to Arsenal Ladies who’ve done the quadruple………and the Ladies have more genuine fans!!

  3. Phil, I don’t know that Everton and Villa measure up to your criteria but (call me old-fashoned) I rate them BIg Clubs. And (whisper it!) Spurs as well – if only to make our rivalry meaningful.

    • This came out of a discussion yesterday on the ‘Big 5’ that we used to have before we had a ‘Big 4’. Spurs and Everton were both in the Big 5. I’ll do a post about it when I have time.

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