Arsenal Away Kit 2013-14 – Back To Yellow? (Via Arsenal Brasil)

Barely have we got used to purple and black, when this has appeared on the Arsenal Brasil site, predicting next season’s away kit. I should add that Arsenal Brasil seem to have some kind of hotline to Nike, because their predictions are usually pretty accurate. I don’t know how they do it, but they do it.

You heard it here first! Or on Arsenal Brasil, who I bow down to.

If you like the shirt, or even if you don’t, go over to the Arsenal Brasil site and give them some love.

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5 thoughts on “Arsenal Away Kit 2013-14 – Back To Yellow? (Via Arsenal Brasil)

  1. Every season? Hardly. That said, if true, it’ll have been 10 years since the last yellow and blue and that is quite a long time. Barring a contract buyout, we will have Nike as a supplier for next season (and, remember, the current home shirt will be worn again next season). I, for one, hope we stick w/ Nike.

  2. Arsenal 2005/2006 blackcurrant kit is the best ever arsenal kit it should be arsenals classic kit for FIFA start a online campaign against era sports until this happens 17/05/06 AFC European champs

  3. Not sure. But it make me remember our ‘INVICIBLES’ era. They use a similar scheme on their away kit, except at that time it was ‘O2’ instead of Fly Emirates.

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