Arsenal’s Transfer Window Spending: Poll Result – & Has Arsene Lost His Bottle?

No surprise that most people who voted think that Arsene needs to spend more than they think he will spend. (He does realise that spending the club’s money doesn’t affect his salary, doesn’t he?)transfer spend poll 2 Jan2013 transfer spend poll 1 Jan2013

A few votes for ‘The squad is fine how it is’ – come on, you’re not serious are you? You really don’t want to go back to the days when we had genuine world class players in several positions? You’re really not bothered about goalkeeping cover and competition, and a midfield strongman?

At the other end of the scale does anyone genuinely think Arsene Wenger would spend over £75m? That would suggest unprecedented levels of schizophrenia in the manager.

Most of course went for more of the middle ground, with almost half thinking he’ll spend £10m-£25m but wanting him to spend £25m-£50m – which let’s not forget Arsenal could afford.

My gut feeling is that he might spend a few million, but not over £10m. It’s not usually his style. Though I live in hope – until nothing has happened by January 20. The unknown factor in my calculation is Theo: if he goes then the question is for how much, and what kind of replacement – if any – Arsene wants. It absolutely wouldn’t surprise me if Theo went and no one came in.

Of course as Liverpool have proven spending is not in itself the answer. You need to spend on the right players and make them play in the right system. In many ways it doesn’t matter how much you spend on them if it works. £1m or £10m, who cares if the team gels and success follows.

One £20m flop is a big problem for most clubs, Arsenal included, but buy 20 players for £1m each and you might get three or four gems. And no one complains too much if the rest are duds. Is this what Arsene is doing? Has he lost his bottle and won’t take the risk of buying big? Will we only ever get youngsters or fairly safe (but not top of the range) bets like Arteta and Podolski as long as Arsene remains in charge? Discuss.

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9 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Transfer Window Spending: Poll Result – & Has Arsene Lost His Bottle?

  1. Some time ago Arsenal needed a gk and amd enforcer. Wenger did not bother saying he had faith inhis squad. The gunners were leading the epl by s ome five to eight points at least for two seasons Sadly the gunners blew it and red faced promptly went on to steal it.Now Wenger says despite MU’s massive lead,it is still wide open.
    Well I don’t subscribe to this theory.The rf is unlikely to blow it. He is not Wenger.The fm has flaws in his team. This is his chance to fix them and hopefully win the fa cup.The gunners have been let down by a third rate gk and defence. I still think the defence is poor as shown by leaking the magpies the 2nd and third goals.I rather the gunner had won 3-0 than 7-4.Defence wins games a nd trophies.Chelsea stifled barcelona and bm.It may not be Wenger’s style but winning games and trophies is more important than playing beautiful soocer and lose. Nobody remembers a loser.

  2. I dont think so.
    We have had no money to spend since we moved to the stadium. Wengers to blame for some of that, dont get me wrong. But its blatantly obvious that we have had no transfer funds to speak of, and have been trying to get away with selling a great player so we could buy 2 good ones (and have change left over).
    Hopefully, Gazidis and Wenger are speaking the truth when they say these days are behind us. Still skeptical though.

  3. All BS and idle speculation about Wenger’s intent this transfer window, and his past performances….especially Captain Morgan’s! It has been and is still patently obvious to anyone willing to actually take the time to look, what Wenger’s philosophy (in part) is when it comes to transfers:

    1) Buy quality without breaking the bank (Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Henry, Bergkamp, Viera, Giroud, Podolski,and especially Cazorla) on transfer fees,agents fees and compensation.
    2) Supplement new faces with existing youth and reserve players who are used to the AFC system.
    3) Avoid overpriced and hyper-inflated British players with exaggerated reputations. Stick with relative unknowns and turn them into stars who can be sold off at a huge profit if needed OR if necessary.
    4) Do not renew contracts with most players over 33 years of age and offer 1 year extensions to those between 30 and 33.
    5) Snap up Barca reserve and youth talent whenever possible, as long as they are under 16.
    6) Ensure that whoever comes in has the Arsenal attitude, at least for awhile, and that they are paid within the AFC wage structure.
    7) As much as possible, pay for new transfers with revenue from player sales.
    8) Don’t start making transfer bids until PSG, Chelsea, United, City, Barca and Real have done their deals…..leaving the more affordable players open on the market.
    9) Don’t stand in the way of a player who wants to leave but make lemonade when life serves you lemons. He is a master at this as well and despite all the whiney,entitled plastic fanboys moaning that we are selling all our stars, Wenger respects the players’ choice to leave BUT usually gets quite a bit of juice out of the sale.

    All those idiots and pseudo-managers bitching about AW’s penchant for running the Club his way should appreciate that HE, at least, knows what he is doing and is a professional manager even at his worst moments…light years ahead of any whiny fan.

    • I happen to be a great admirer of Arsene – but, I swear reading the above, it could have been written by an obsessive myopic anti-Wengerite. You suffer from the same delusion: Wenger controls EVERYTHING, including finances. HE decides the budget, who to buy, who to sell, how much to pay everyone. No doubt you’ll tell us (like them) that he hired Ivan and probably that Danny asked him if it was okay to sell out to Stanley. Get real! Arsene is an employee. If he buys cheap and sells dear, it’s because he is given no choice. Wenger’s ‘philosophy’? It’s rule of thumb to get by. And the most depressing aspect is you don’t even realise how brain-washed by the regime you are. Eight of the nine points (which you describe as Wenger’s ‘philosophy’) are about money.

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