The Best Picture Of Arsene Wenger Ever!

I found this article from the Evening Standard in 1998, as Arsenal were about to win their second Double, and first under Arsene Wenger. It’s a delve into the Frenchman’s background and family, with a couple of pictures of the young Arsene as a footballer in his student days.

Also of interest is the smaller section at the bottom, telling how David Dein – apparently without reference to anyone else on the Arsenal Board – phoned Wenger in June 1996 to offer him the job of Arsenal manager. Wenger was contracted until October but indicated his interest, and this appears to have been the catalyst for sacking Bruce Rioch.

Click on the picture to enlarge, should you wish to read the whole story. Standard 15May1998 AW featureAs a teaser for this piece inside the paper, the Standard printed another picture of the young Arsene on the back page. Feast your eyes on this vision. You’ll never look at the grey-haired version in quite the same way again. young arseneFollow me on Twitter: @AngryOfN5


4 thoughts on “The Best Picture Of Arsene Wenger Ever!

  1. arsene wenger is a celver man, people like him dont just turn stupid and “lose it”, he’s clever than most people are, he deserves our respect for the kind of work he’s done at arsenal.

    the way some “fans” slang him off, its just stupid, when the day comes when he really has to leave, i hope all fans give him a little more respect that he deserves.

    • englandsbest on January 10, 2013 at 1:57 pm said:
      “A reminder of the value of David Dein. Can anyone imagine Ivan showing his kind of initiative?”

      Sorry to burst your bubble, englandsbest, but Dein actually wanted to sell to Ivan’s boss, Kroenke. This is what broke the relationship between him and the rest of the board.

      So basically Dein did not give a fig about you or what you think or the future of the club. He just wanted his money. So he sold to Ghenghis Khan instead.

      Dein didnt have initiative – just raw greed for mony. That tends to cause problems eventually.

      But if you want to play Dein fanboy and pretend that Gazsdis has the triple six tattooed on him, hey more power to you. But it wont make you any less delusional.

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