13 thoughts on “Any Chance Of A (4th Place?) Trophy For Arsenal This Season?

  1. He’s never double crossed us.

    If you read how arsenal could afford the emirates stadium and still be competitive without going bankrupt, you will understand the caution of spending money.

    We also have too many players on high wages, who can’t make the squad, let alone the bench or team through not being good enough.

    Arsenal needs them off the books and to streamline the operation as a whole to be able to buy the stars we all crave to see playing for us and to win the trophies we as fans desire.

  2. If the gunners finsih 5thWenger has to go. Too much time has been wasted by him.If he continues to be manager,Arsenal could be fighting relegation 2013-14..

  3. It’s a bit early for this… You should leave it until after the transfer window closes.
    Even though we probably won’t sign anyone.

  4. Well, given that, if we win our game in hand against west ham, we would be 2 points from 3rd place, I’d say the chances aren’t too bad!

    But where would be the fun in thinking that? Far better to complain and moan and deride the club we claim to love.

    • how is it moaning to watch your club going down the drain and watch some yank drain the club.could you imagine wayne rooney sayin to alex ferguson that he wouldnt sign a new contract unless he played where he wants,to be bendin over backwards for walcott is insane,why not bend over backwards for nasri,cole,fabregas,van pierse,pires,adebayer,clichy and i could go on….a blind man could see we need a def midfielder,a goalkeeper,a striker and a centre back!why give ramsey a new contract?i coudnt believe it,stuck with him now!and gervinio,what a disaster,and he wasnt cheap.up until this year i used to take me wee fella to all the games and my family will always support arsenal,but i wont be payin extortionist prices when the standards gettin worse and that kroenke and the board is milkin it.but hey,wer makin money,i cant wait to get my share of the 25million from van pierse.and here was me thinkin football was about winning stuff,how i was wrong

  5. If I were AW, I would not have let Theo sign a contract. I would rather have let him go and bring in Zaha or Arda Turan, who are better. Better wages, better skills, better attitudes. I do not even understand why he is playing up-front, he has a problem in dropping/controlling the ball, he is not a good header, he good is than he can run with the ball at speed and sometimes forgets. It pains me to see other players who deserve better than him, Wilshere, for example.

    • Been saying that for ages but too many mugs who think the kid drops gold bricks because he is English. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

  6. rooney wasnt sayin he wanted to play a different position,his head was turned from city,and he fell out with ferguson.walcotts head isnt turned,no clubs came in for him

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