Fewer Than Half Arsenal Fans Think We’ll Finish Top 4

This is in my own fairly small survey, and yes I accept it may not be completely indicative of the wider fanbase, people reading my blog and choosing to vote may not be a complete cross section of fans, the sample size may be too small, etc etc etc. All the stuff I get whenever I do any poll. Feel free to do one of your own if you don’t think mine is good enough. I’ll come and vote in it for you. where will Arsenal finish 130112 1

The answers for the League came out pretty much as I would have expected. In the Cup people are more confident, with only 16 per cent thinking we’ll lose the replay to Swansea, and a quarter thinking we can win it, despite the Bradford experience. The cup is a lottery of course, and we SHOULD win against Swansea and then Brighton. But we should have beaten Bradford. We should have been so far out of sight after half an hour that they gave up and walked off. where will Arsenal finish 130112 2

In the Champions League I think there is general recognition that Bayern will be difficult to get past, but then if we do we’re in the last eight and with a lucky draw and maybe some lucky refereeing and the intervention of a post or two, you never know. As Chelsea proved. where will Arsenal finish 130112 3

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7 thoughts on “Fewer Than Half Arsenal Fans Think We’ll Finish Top 4

  1. I am not surprised at the polls. Wenger has dug such a deep hole from which he cannot possibly escape short of ditching his principles of ffp,bah,blah,

    • In reply to Conway
      Anyone who is not so blind as wenger and that can see see players to buy to help us secure a champions league place.
      Anyone who is less stubborn and admits his mistakes and take remedial action.
      Anyone who will go for glory at the expense of profits
      Anyone who will not lie constantly and favour Ramsey instead of looking for a defensive midfielder.
      Anyone who will not constantly play players out of position instead of buying the right player for that role.
      When Henry left we got Adebayor, then Van Persie. When Wenger leaves we will also find someone else to fill in the role . We no more need an outstanding accountant/economist to build another stadium. We could find a real football coach , Can’t we?

  2. With respect to you “Withwengerwerust” you haven’t answered my question , Who do you suggest we replace him with ? You’ve listed the menu but haven’t named the restaurant .

  3. withwengerwerust: Nothing will improve while the regime financial policy remains. As for a replacement manager, any A-list candidate (assuming his remit was to make Arsenal contenders for major trophies again) would demand a huge transfer budget. To give an idea of the size of his task, ask yourself how many of the current squad would get a place in the first XI of the top clubs in Europe or PL. No defenders, that’s for sure. And probably none of the midfielders. And certainly not Theo or OG . Plod? Ox? I don’t think so. I guess £100m wouldn’t cover it. So the best we can hope for is, say, Roberto Martinez working on the same zero nett transfer budget that Arsene has laboured under. Unless you are one of those who believe Arsene has loads of lolly but hates to spend it. (Ad by the way, Henri who?).

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