Last time Arsenal went to South Wales for the FA Cup 3rd Round . . .

This is the programme from Cardiff City v Arsenal in 1980. I was thinking this was the previous time we went to Wales in the third round, but of course there was also the Wrexham debacle of 1992, so it’s just the last time we went to South Wales. I lived about 20 miles from Cardiff in those days, so despite my tender years it was an easy match to get to.

Much like this year’s third round, we underachieved in Wales, coming away with a 0-0 draw. Perhaps it’s a good omen for tonight that we won the replay 2-1, with both goals from Alan Sunderland. Guess who we played in the next round? Yes, Brighton. We beat them and went on to beat Bolton, Watford and Liverpool (after three semi-final replays), before losing to West Ham in the final when Trevor Brooking fell over and accidentally scored the only headed goal of his career.

I’ve scanned the whole programme as it’s such a brilliant time capsule of 33 years ago, with the car and plumbing adverts, the Arsenal squad still in a classic uncluttered red and white kit on page 5, and my favourite advert of all, “Bona Toggs” of Cardiff, Newport and Bridgend – “the only official stockists of Gentlefolk jeans”.

Naturally Cardiff were keen to remind us of their glorious (and only) trophy-winning year, 1927, when they beat Herbert Chapman’s Arsenal in the FA Cup Final. The centre spread shows the single goal from that game. Just to rub it in further, there’s a piece featuring Rod Thomas of Cardiff, who had been part of the Swindon team that beat Arsenal in the League Cup final in 1969.   Cardiff programme 5Jan80 1

Cardiff programme 5Jan80 2Cardiff programme 5Jan80 3Cardiff programme 5Jan80 4Cardiff programme 5Jan80 5Cardiff programme 5Jan80 6Cardiff programme 5Jan80 7Cardiff programme 5Jan80 8Cardiff programme 5Jan80 9Cardiff programme 5Jan80 11Cardiff programme 5Jan80 12Follow me on Twitter: @AngryOfN5


One thought on “Last time Arsenal went to South Wales for the FA Cup 3rd Round . . .

  1. I went to that game and it was pretty dull, especially without the injured Brady. The highlight was being overtaken on the M4 by the team bus en route to Cardiff and seeing my heroes in the lap of 1980’s luxury travel playing cards at heir flashy tables.

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