Which Is The Most Hated Football Club In England?

I was asked a couple of days ago by my friend Sergey of SovSport magazine which club in England is most hated by other fans. I had to think about it, because I wasn’t sure there was an obvious answer these days.

But maybe I’m wrong. That could happen. So I thought I’d do a quick poll and see what the consensus is (subject to the usual disclaimer that the audience for this poll is to some extent self-selecting, it’s not wholly scientific, stats are meaningless anyway, blah blah blah).

I’m not really sure that in England we ‘do’ hate as well as some other countries. Admittedly Chelsea fans hate everyone (except John Terry, whose intellectual close friends get to call him ‘JT’, providing it’s with dignity – no, not dignity. What’s the word? Oh, it’ll come to me later). We’re not that into flag burning, and we’ve never had a club that belonged to (or was perceived to) an unpopular government regime, or one in an area fighting for independence. We normally just don’t like our neighbours.

That’s my belief anyway. But please vote for the club you think is the most hated in generalnot the one that you personally hate most. If you can be arsed, of course.

3 thoughts on “Which Is The Most Hated Football Club In England?

  1. I think most fans hate the red face because of his arrogance and condescending manner to other teams,players and managers. To him only Mu must be above the others. This together with the decisions of refs to his favour have made him and his team PUBLIC ENEMY no 1 in UK.

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