So Apparently Man Utd Are Still The Most Disliked Club . . .

My exclusive poll yesterday reveals that the team most people consider most hated in England is Man Utd. I thought it might be Chelsea these days, but apparently having the most obnoxious fans, a racist captain, a couple of bought Premier League titles and a VERY lucky Champions League do not make you as disliked as a bullying old git of a manager and 20 years of success.

Just to be clear, I did ask (given that most readers of this blog are Arsenal fans) who people thought are the most hated overall, not who you the voter personally hate most. So of course the result could be completely misleading, because all the voters for Man U might be completely misjudging the mood of everyone else in the nation.

I think a few votes went to Tottenham as a result of this being an Arsenal-centric site. Are Tottenham really more unpopular than Arsenal in the wider football community? I doubt it.

Over 2000 people viewed the poll page yesterday, but only 801 voted. If all those who couldn’t be bothered to click the ‘I can’t be arsed with this’ option had clicked the ‘I can’t be arsed with this’ option, that would have had a landslide victory! There’s a lesson there for political parties, I’m sure: every vote does count.

The result for Man U also backs up a poll done by Talksport in 2011, where Man U came top, though their poll had Man City second, Liverpool third, then Chelsea and Arsenal. Liverpool still third? Really? This isn’t 1990! Who cares about Liverpool?!

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14 thoughts on “So Apparently Man Utd Are Still The Most Disliked Club . . .

    • No many hate them because they have the refs and FA in there pockets. When it comes to European football it’s not so result Nani makes a tackle he would get away with in England.

  1. Hatin man u showz hw popular and dominatin manchester united football club is….so i dont care in as much united are winni somtin evry season so let them kip hatin

  2. I voted manu assuming the y would be the most hated team. Personaly I ‘hate’ chelsea more. I cannot even bring myself to use a capital C or M. If there was a dog in the road and a chelsea player on the sidewalk, i would swerve on to the sidewalk to miss the dog.

  3. I personally,d club dat i dislike so much in premier league is toteham wen it coms to d likes of MAN U n CHELSEA,i prefer chelsea 100percent to MAN U.gunner for life

    • Hahahahahaha. All the plastic manure fans coming on here to represent their love for the glazers’ debt vehicle. For me, I hate chelsea; the club, the racist fans and players, the purloined titles and trophies all bought with the tacit assent of a corrupt dictatorship masquerading as democracy. Scum club scum players scum fans. Love Rafa though, the man just don’t give a fook.

  4. Many people hate Man Utd due to the manager, and not because of his successes, which are well deserved. His behaviour has at times been disgraceful, considering his position at such a famous club. Many people disliked Keane’s attitude, and Neville’s too, in the past.
    From a personal point of view I detest Chelsea, since Abramovich arrived. Changing football for the worst. The same goes for Man City.
    The tide has turned somewhat as regards those two clubs, mainly due to United’s endeavours, and for that reason alone I cannot dislike United. They’re doing football a big favour by showing the two ‘Sugar Daddy’ clubs that success can be had by the fair ‘level playing field’ way.
    I’m more than happy to see United win the title this season; a pity they blew it last season.
    I’m a true Gooner btw, for those who don’t know me.

  5. I’m tired of ManU winning and my only solace is that the Scottish Air Farce can’t manage them forever. But beside a couple former thugs and Ferguson being a hypocritical ass I actually have a lot of respect for the Red Devs. They build their team the right way. And anyhow, when one of their fans gets a bit cocky I just remind them that the past 20 years of Liverpool futility would have been unimaginable 20 years ago.

    For me personally, Chelsea and Man City are far worse. And I’ve lost patience with Liverpool. I used to back them just to beat Man U but now they’ve got a few too many players on the naughty list and I’m tired of hearing how great they were a quarter of a century ago.

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