April 5 1987: Arsenal Win Littlewoods Cup!

On this day in 1987 Arsenal won their first trophy for eight years! Can you imagine waiting so long! Amazing. Naturally the programme for the following week’s match against Charlton (and boy am I glad to see the back of them in the top division, boring feckers) went overboard on photographs of the great event.

In those days it was warm and sunny in April in the UK. Sunshine; Wembley; trophies. Bliss. Charlie Nicholas scored two rather soft goals to justify moving to Arsenal rather than the defeated opponents Liverpool. John Lukic appeared to give a fascist salute at the line-up, but explained it by saying he thought he’d seen Paulo di Canio in the crowd, and was pointing him out to Kenny Sansom.

Ian Rush had scored first for Liverpool, and until that day Liverpool had never lost a game in which Rush had scored. To be honest, in those days Liverpool rarely lost a game, and the previous season had done the Double. The tide started to turn against them just a tiny bit on this day in 1987, though they did win a couple more titles before becoming the team of also-rans we know and love today.

Enough about them. Soak up Kenny Sansom holding up a big silver thing while wearing an ill-advised hat.Littlewoods Cup 1987 1Littlewoods Cup 1987 3Littlewoods Cup 1987 4Littlewoods Cup 1987 2

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3 thoughts on “April 5 1987: Arsenal Win Littlewoods Cup!

  1. I made the mistake of having a few pints with my brother & his mates (seasoned drinkers) before the game. I was absolutely slaughtered by the time we left the pub. I watched the game through one eye with my head oddly angled towards the pitch trying to focus on the action.

    This was also my first visit to Wembley for a big game and my first experience of the gents’ toilets (i.e. giant pools of piss outside them).

    One of the best days of my life.

  2. I remember the day very well, started off having a few pints in Kilburn and then headed up to Wembley. I ‘d secured a tout ticket for £30, six years later a face value ticket for the FA Cup cost £35. The day went by in a bit of a haze, they scored first (Rush) and whenever he scored first for them, they never lost, both Charlie’s goals seemed to creep across the line. Critically Paul Davies and Steve Williams were fantastic that afternoon. It was a huge day, there were 100,000 at Wembley and we went ballistic afterwards, the biggest chant was “Arsenal are back”. Very happy days.

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