April 4 1993: Arsenal 1 Spurs 0! Revenge!

Twenty years ago today Arsenal and Spurs met on a sunny Sunday afternoon for their second FA Cup Semi-Final in three seasons. Spurs somehow won the first one in 1991. The fact that Arsenal only had to wait two years for revenge is seen by many as proof of the existence of God.

Here are the newspaper reports of the match. I’ve got the programme, but after flicking through it I can tell you there’s nothing worth looking at there. The content has all the imagination of a menu in a Welsh fish and chip shop. Although I was surprised to find that the Spurs manager at the time was Doug Livermore. Exactly. Who?

Arse v Spurs FACSF93 1Arse v Spurs FACSF93 3There’s a lot of focus on Tony Adams, scorer of the only goal. Arsenal largely dominated but the game could still have gone either way before Adams settled it from a Merson free-kick after 79 minutes. That nice Lee Dixon was then sent off for a bodycheck on Justin Edinburgh, who is pictured still blubbing about it at the final whistle. He is consoled by Nayim, who is clearly already plotting the revenge he will take from the halfway line in Paris two years later.

Adams himself was interviewed for his thoughts a few days later, and even his dad was dragged out for a page of quotes on how he’d never let the family down even when he was in the nick after behaving worse than a Chelsea player.

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6 thoughts on “April 4 1993: Arsenal 1 Spurs 0! Revenge!

  1. You are starting to sound like Liverpool… North London is Lillywhite and blue and we are one of the best teams in the world to watch from from a neutrals pov… no one care about the goons, you have bored us for years…. make way for the new guard… we are LONDON

    • You last win the league when there was no such thing as coloured television. Yes we have been on a decline but even our worst squad in recent memory can still compete with your best squad in recent memory.
      Arsenal will be back to their best soon, hell we’ll still finish ahead of you lot this season. There is a LONG way to go for Spurs before you can even begin thinking that you are better than Arsenal.

      • 5 years later since louis posted, the homeless scum still haven’t won a trophy. 10 years trophyless. Dirty mugs.

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