Suarez: WHY?

This is my final word on Luis Suarez. I don’t care what anyone else thinks about him, whether he would bring Arsenal some long-awaited trophies (though I doubt it – he hasn’t done a lot for Liverpool) or anything else. He behaves with no class whatsoever, and I don’t want to see him in an Arsenal shirt. If Arsene Wenger truly thinks he’s worth paying at least double what Arsenal have ever paid for a player before, then frankly Arsene Wenger has lost it.

Whenever I see Suarez go down as though shot in the back by a sniper, I’m reminded of the anti-war posters that used to be popular with students in the 1970s. Like this:

suarez and soldierQuite a close similarity, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Tomorrow: a blog post that is absolutely nothing to do with Luis Suarez.

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39 thoughts on “Suarez: WHY?

  1. You probably know more than Arsène.
    I get the feeling you want to see ramsey given a go as a stricker next season so we can win the fair play league.

    Finally the boss is after quality and i’ll happily buy the suarez shirt!

  2. I’m with you… I really hope we don’t sign him. The one stat that stands out to me isn’t the goals, it’s the suspensions. In 77 games for Liverpool, he’s racked up 19 games worth of suspensions. Put another way… he’s been at Liverpool for two and a half seasons and in that time has earned enough suspensions to sit out an entire half season. Not the kind of guy we need at Arsenal.

  3. Honestly this blog is designed for professional moaners. You are never happy are you? Constantly bitching about something. I think I will take the opinion of an ex striker, Ian Wright over the whiney ramblings of a no mark doom merchant.

    If you dont think Suarez is exactly the calibre of player Arsenal should be going for then you have just shown yourself up to be clueless. The only draw back to any club in England potentially having Suarez, including Liverpool, is that the media will be on his case like never before.

    FFS John Terry is a beacon of morality to these hack scum and you are whining about Suarez?

    You are a deluded,m sanctimonious AST acolyte numb nuts.

    Grow a pair, or off and become the nun you always wanted to be.

    First and last time poster.

  4. u guys r really funny…didnt van persie and henry dive at times.. Didnt d invincibles sumtyms cheat to win.. Apart from wilshire how many real winners r in d team?… At this stage of our history we need special players n as far as i am concern Suarez has premiership experience n he is far potent than higuian.. As for his attitude, there is only one Wenger who can help him…. guys if Arsene is interested then it means he has a PLAN.. For once lets all be happy this summer

  5. if u dont ave better things to write,keep quiet and hand off from suarex to arsenal issues.who will see a gold and said it jewel.bware luiz is good fit 2 b arsenal front man

  6. To the dumb arsenal fans, you’re all idiots. If you think Wenger bidding for Suarez means he’s lost it you need a really hard punch to the face. Explain how is bidding for one of the top 5 players in the world losing it? How? He is 10x better than anyone in your squad you idiots! Sure he has his downsides, but that’s part of the parcel so to speak. My final rant the only thing Wenger has lost the plot on is thinking he can get a player of Suarez talent for 35mil try 50-60mil you cheeky flipping silly man.

  7. I can’t believe some people want him at our club. George Graham would NEVER buy him, Herbert Chapman would turn in his grave. Suarez is a disgusting human being – he should be banned from football.

  8. The same wit chelsea.blues wil neva neva luk 4 a player of such behavior,even if us wil win 3 CL in a row 4 us.infact am laughin at u L SUAREZ.go 2 anywhere u want.chelsea don’t need u pls.

  9. He looks a bit like Robert Pires ????sorry you dont know who he is.You probably dont know about tony “backtackle”adams and the wonderfull football George Graham played.Short memories Gooners.
    Seriously just give us 40 mil and take him off our hands please….he poisionous to our young squad.

  10. If Wenger believes he can get the best behaviour out of Suarez then I trust him. World class player that would get us points left right and center. However, i would rather have Higuain.

  11. Great poster- that was definitely my entertainment for the day :-]
    Wenger’s only making a public bid for him so he can say, “see, we tried to buy a top striker but the other club refused to sell” just like he did with Alonso. That way he can win his argument and, as usual, spend nothing.

    Won’t matter if he wins nowt again, he’ll be on a new contract ffs!

  12. I think Suarez is an excellent footballer and, like yourself, I think he’s a total prat. However, because I am of that opinion it does not in any way qualify me to be judge and jury on Wenger’s sanity. Only an arrogant fool would consider themselves adequately qualified to make such judgement.

    • Great poster- that was definitely my entertainment for the day :-]
      Wenger’s only making a public bid for him so he can say, “see, we tried to buy a top striker but the other club refused to sell” just like he did with Alonso. That way he can win his argument and, as usual, spend nothing.

      Won’t matter if he wins nowt again, he’ll be on a new contract ffs!

  13. Whatever you make of Suarez, you’ve got to love it that Liverpool fans are desperately hunting for news of their best player on Arsenal blog sites and then whingeing about what they find. I can almost hear the shellsuits rasping with irritation…

  14. Having had a think about it. I still think Higuain is a far better fit for what we need, and the ‘fear factor’ for me is more ‘oh god what is he going to do now’.

    That said, anyone saying we cannot afford him is joking, as the 27,000 blogs out there on Arsenal’s finances clearly show.

    I do wonder if Wenger has a plan though, by modifying one of the sports bras (OK monitoring vests) the players were wearing Monday. He wears it, and every time it seems he is getting an urge to be: Divey, Kicky, Bitey, (or Racisty), Bouldy whacks 50,000 volts through him.

    Aversion therapy does tend to work, and even if it didn’t it’d be a laugh.

  15. Oh, and to make it completely clear, Suarez wears the vest; not Wenger. (Although that might be almost as funny — we don’t cure Suarez, but Wenger wont ever buy someone like him again).

  16. So you are not flawed? Your reaction is exagerrated, so take look at yourself. You may not be happy with what you find. Then you can change and learn compassion.

    • I write all the illiterate comments myself under false names just to look more popular and give me someone to argue with when Ziontrain and Poznan Paul are on holiday.

  17. Totally agree with OP not being funny but do we need a Diving racist if so why not just bid for JT as well how exactly is a biting spitting racist vermin the Arsenal way? AW lost it 4 years ago period. This isn’ kicking rascism out of fotball but basic well if your a rasist we will pay 40 mill for you let just say I will not be buying a shirt if he is signed and the kids won’t be wearing any either

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