Arsenal SHOULD Buy Suarez (Says Tiniest Majority Possible)

After 691 votes, the Arsenal-loving public decided by the narrowest of margins that Luis Suarez is worth buying – exactly 51% being in favour and 49% against.

I’m sure that even those who voted ‘No’ recognise that the bitey one is quite talented. Now call me old-fashioned, but if I did a poll on whether we should buy Higuain (another South American of a similar age and goalscoring ability, though without Premier League experience, but cheaper), you can bet that a much bigger percentage would be saying ‘Yes’. We are so starved of big signings over the past few years that you could link Arsenal with anyone in the £20m-plus bracket and the player would get a giant thumbs-up worthy of Paul McCartney himself from 90 per cent of Arsenal fans.

So the fact Suarez only just had more plusses on the board than minusses tells you that he has baggage the size of Victoria Beckham on a year long cruise.

I don’t want him. He’s not worth the effort when you can almost get Higuain and Fellaini for the same money (assuming Madrid will sell, of course – I think Everton would). Suarez will miss the first six league matches, he’s bound to fall foul of the football lawmakers at some time later in the season and as soon as he’s had enough at Arsenal he’ll manufacture an incident, claim everyone is victimising him and bugger off again. Is that what you want? Because that’s what’ll happen. And we’ll lose money on him too. I would really rather buy no one than buy Suarez.

Talking of which, it really would not surprise me if that happened and we bought no one, or at least no one in the £10m-plus range – I’m sure there will be one or two lower end buys either way. But Arsene is just not interested in spending for the sake of it. He has his ideas on how the squad works together, and if the exact player he wants isn’t available, then he may believe it’s better to stick with what he has than disrupt the balance of the squad. And I would say that however frustrating that is, over the years we can be grateful he works like that rather than in the ‘buy everyone!’ manner of a Redknapp or Hughes.

In my opinion Arsene sticks too rigidly to his own concept of value, when flexibility to get the right player is fine as long as you have the money. But he hasn’t spent as much as he could have in the last four transfer windows at least, so it would not be a huge surprise if he didn’t this time either.

Saying all that, the rumour is that he is upping the Suarez bid to £35m, so perhaps 51% of us will soon be happy with our new signing. Personally I won’t be cheering for Suarez even if he’s in an Arsenal shirt come August. There’s no way I can bring myself to do that.

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14 thoughts on “Arsenal SHOULD Buy Suarez (Says Tiniest Majority Possible)

  1. Fair comment Phil. I agree with you completely. I have made my views clear on Senor Suarez elsewhere on this site , so I won’t repeat myself. I did carry out a straw poll of Gunners at work and all of them would be delighted to have him. Strangely enough all of the Liverpool supporters feel he is finished at the club and want rid of him and they don’t care where he goes. I now find myself in an invidious position in that I may have to retract my words and welcome someone to the club for whom I hold no respect or liking. Seems I may have to hold my breath and hope that the leopard may indeed change its spots . Either way I will have to go along with what the club want , Regardless, I’m a gunner and thats it .

  2. Well said phil,
    Short and sharp.
    But the million dollar question is…. are these rumours true?
    And Higuain is Supposedly back on as well.
    Have you noticed that more & more fans have been venting their anger with the lack
    Of transfer activitie….. and so called false targets?
    Is it a coincidence that these stale rumours have been slightly refreshed?

    • i lov suarez so much he is a very good player if wenger should get rid of the starboy he will do the squad a lot of good.but i still prefer higuain.gonzalo higuain will be much better than suarez.i think wenger should go for higuain and let suarez go elsewhere

    • i lov suarez so much he is a very good player if wenger should get rid of the starboy he will do the squad a lot of good.but i still prefer higuain.gonzalo higuain will be much better than suarez.i think wenger should go for higuain and let suarez move elsewhere higuain is more cheaper than suarez so i suggest wenger should go for higuain that is cheap at least higuain is a world class player

  3. Pls we av had enough of dis stories. Do we realy sure we can get dis liverpool man,is wenger ready 2 spend money n get dis player.pls pls we need 2 streten our tearm.we need attacker,dm,cb,n gaolkeeper.

  4. I am an LFC supporter who also likes AFC. To be honest I think he is finished at LFC, I used to back this back stabbing bugger. To be frank LFC should take the highest offer and get rid of him. I feel sorry for LFC for backing this idiot. I think if AFC did get him, which seems likely, unless chelski or man city come in for him, he will bring you guys into a different league and propel the club to fight for the top two spots. Unfortunately you will not be getting a man, if you can call him that, who has any respect for the supporters or the club. He has now done this twice and to be honest every club should reject him just to teach the guy a lesson, but that will never happen. Personally I think AFC will ruin its image by taking this moron on but like I said he will bring you trophies.

  5. L.Suares is not finished,he’s the best player in EPL.He just want a out to play in champions League.He’s tired of playing in the Europa league,the talent he has is to play in the champions league,not an Europa talent.Liverpool is wasting Suares career in the europa league.Suares is good enough to wear the Arsenal shirt on and off the pitch…Gunners4life

  6. If he kept his head down what a player he would be, the buyout clause is 40 million think we would get him for 35 Liverpool can’t wait they need to sort this out pronto to be able to replace him

  7. Hard to understand why 50% of Arsenal fans would want the team’s first big purchase in years to be a guy who will be divisive toward team spirit and would almost certainly cost the team several red cards and suspensions.

    He’s not a hot headed 20 year old Van Persie or Vieira who can be moulded into a responsible adult in 5-6 years – he is a 26 year old guy with full formed bad habits and the emotional stability of a juvenile delinquent.

    A team like Chelsea or Man City can afford to buy this guy and have him contribute part time when he isnt suspended or in the doghouse. Arsenal cant afford this at all. Hard to understand why fans would want precious funds wasted on a hopelessly immature headcase.

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