A Proper Up To Date List Of Arsenal Ins & Outs So Far This Summer

A couple of days ago I did a post where I mentioned the Premier League’s page of transfers so far this summer, which is here.

What I should have done really was link you to this page run by @The_GFP, as he has a more comprehensive list. He looks scarier than the PL, but oddly seems nicer when you talk to him. (I’ve tried talking to the PL on the subject of their convoluted and ambiguous rules around owners; they didn’t really seem to understand them.)

Anyway, here is Danny The GFP’s list of Arsenal transfers so far this summer, which includes his assumptions on wages which I neither confirm or deny. (And yes, he has been told he’s got Martin Angha in there twice.)

GFP's transfer list

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14 thoughts on “A Proper Up To Date List Of Arsenal Ins & Outs So Far This Summer

  1. Don;t mean anything if we don’t buy a couple of top class replacements // it will all count for nothing ,I just don;t get it why Wenger has not made a move for anyone.

  2. What to say. A few days ago Brendan Rogers made a statement to Liverpool supporter not to worry because they will be buying more good players. That’s even though they had made some reasonable buys already. Respect. Somehow there is a lack of respect from the Arsenal management structure towards the fans. No gestures to remind us they are on the case. No reassurances. No wonder I keep reading cynical posts. It does seem that all the posturing about buying ‘big’ is a just that….posturing. I must admit I don’t believe all the big talk will lead to top signings. Fellaini, Higuaine, Suarez, Capoue, Rooney, Bernard, bet we haven’t made a bid for any of them. We will sign none of them. Guaranteed. We will be told how they tried so hard to buy but it didn’t work out.

    • German team said we bid near 20 mill on def mid, but they didn’t wanna sell. Crowley is one of the best in his age group. Sanogo doing well at under 20’s and transfer window shuts in August. it really amazes me the praise Brendan Rogers gets,what has he actually done in the game? seems he gets a lot of praise for no apparent reason. don’t read transfer rumours of it causes distress

      • 20 mill bid on bender because they knew it would be declined 100%. Ask yourself why have they not gone back in with a second higher offer??? Because its just smoke and mirrors under bidding on players true value to fool us fans in to thinking they are serious about buying. They have their striker in sonogo and apart from a couple of freebies and forcing Koscielny out to make a profit nothing else is gonna happen. Wake up gunners

      • Well done, We signed a fifteen year old. Maybe you could help to change his nappies. I guess you are satisfied with very little. Most of the supporters want top class signings, if you read the posts.

      • so James if none of that scenario you paint
        happen then will you get behind the team? I doubt it, you find some thing else that might happen in the future to criticize the club with. weepy I think.

    • yeah we also signed a 20 yr old and like I said had a significant bid turned down for a German international, and if you buy believe the papers had a bid turned down for Suarez. but you carry on your sad sack routine if it makes you happy, I’m not that easily weepy

  3. It’s always worrying when everyone around you is getting their business done an we haven’t.
    Maybe the players we are going after are not cut and dry and there are complications with the clubs letting them leave but still, there are other positions such as keeper that we should have tied up by now!

  4. Completely agree Steve,all Wenger thinks about is himself,his top priority at the moment is his
    new contract,the board will never sack Wenger,because he does everything the board want him to do, “HE’S A YES MAN,ALWAYS WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE” certainly not the man to run Arsenal,the guy couldn’t run a raffle.

  5. 10 years ago – Invincibles – but Wenger can’t run a team? Come on! Emirates was the excuse – now, buy 2 top players and mid level central defender Arsene – or the nay Sayers will be proven correct!

  6. Fair points well made Steve. One thing that really annoys me is the total lack of info on the Arsenal website. There are no comments, no mention of intentions, and no addressing the transfer speculation. Confidentiality is required when business is being conducted and I fully understand that. Brendan Rogers can go to Mars for all I care but he did make an attempt to allay some of the concern of his teams supporters by making a statement on team development. Our outfit made a big issue of the new away kit that was “leaked” to the media….. gimme a break ! I have been trawling the web for some bits of info that might give me some insight as to where we are as regard signings, all I get are lies and rumour .Meanwhile AW is in Asia making more money for Stan the man while I cannot get a straight answer from anyone as to the status of Higuains proposed move, if there is any news on Casers situation or whats the story regarding the host of other names that have been bandied about as possible new recruits.I don’t give a toss about our new kit or its fashion implications . I do however care about whats happening to our team. I could be creating a storm in a tea cup and all these questions could be answered over the next few weeks but experience keeps a dear school and I am not holding my breath.

  7. I understand people getting twitchy with nothing apparently happening; Hell I am, and I agree its best to do business early, but it is not always possible and there still are 6 weeks left.

    What I don’t get is Arsenal fans moaning at the current situation. This is how the club has always worked. We never comment on transfers — even what we know about transfer fees has almost always come from outside the club.

    Everything anyone has read this summer is either: planted by a third party (unless we have got smarter with a few anonymous stories of our own to help out our cause), invented by the media itself, or revealed by the other club.

    Using Bender as an example: we only know about the first bid because Bayer made it public. We might have not gone back and started looking elsewhere. On the other hand we might have gone back in with an improved offer, but we won’t know until either Bayer reject it publicly, or he appears in the Red and White, or perhaps someone sees him at Heathrow with an agent.

    I get it that the stakes this year are particularly high, I get the nervousness, I want to see Higuain actually in the shirt and not photoshopped in. I also get that people want to feel involved. What I guess I don’t get is the feeling of entitlement that essentially demands that the club changes what they have been doing for decades, to the detriment of any deals we are trying to make, because fans feel that proving intent/ambition is more important than anything else.

    Everything that has come out of the club has been positive, and along with the way with the club works is deliberately vague. Any more is counter productive. Stating specific targets opens the club up to making promises we cannot keep. We openly state we must get a striker and everyone raises their priced by £5-10 mil when we make an approach. On the opposite side, the more disillusioned fans don;t believe the current statements, so why would they believe more specific ones?

    That said, all of the above is said because I assume that we will bring in the players we need; there is no logical reason not to. I already said in Phil’s last post on the topic, if it doesn’t happen, then the Torches and Pitchforks are totally justified come 1st September….and to you really think the club don’t know that?

    Oh Brookessssy, nothing was ever said openly about Denilson as far as I can remember (Unsurprisingly), but we got him to give up the last year of has contract, so you can be sure someone got paid.

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