Poll Result: Arsenal to Spend Big This Summer!

Here’s the result of the poll I put up on this blog last night.

Well it seems as though most have not yet lost faith in Arsene Wenger tying up a big deal or two in August. Given the likely cost of the most likely purchase, Mr L Suarez, spending could easily be in the area of £50m on one player, so I think the result shows that a good proportion of fans think that deal will be done. Whether anyone thinks any more deals will be done is another matter.

Whether Suarez will be any good for Arsenal and whether Arsenal need a whole bunch of other positions filled with top quality players are two more matters.

To take all three in order: I think other deals will be done because I think Arsene wants to pull something out of the bag that no one is expecting. I have my doubts on Suarez being good for Arsenal – can he keep away from the FA’s disciplinary committee long enough? Will he be agitating for a move to Madrid in 12 months? Will we lose more money on him than we’ve lost on all the other write-offs of the past two seasons? (I use the term write-offs to mean those who we’ve been unable to sell while under contract as well as those whose value has been literally written off.)

Do we need a bunch of other positions filled with quality players? Yes. Yes we do.

Here’s the poll result in full:

arsenal net spend poll resultAlmost 1600 people voted, so it should be a fair representation. As with most of these things, once the numbers got past a few hundred the percentages didn’t change much, which is another reason to think it’s a reasonably accurate picture.

You just never know with Arsene though. Maybe the 7.98 per cent will be right and he won’t spend a bean. If so I hope he has earplugs for the north London derby, otherwise he’ll be deafened before kick off by chants that I would not repeat in front of my children.

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15 thoughts on “Poll Result: Arsenal to Spend Big This Summer!

  1. Yay go Arsenal fans! We have the faith! If you cast your mind back to last transfer window….and then look at Liverpool and Man U right now……and the you will smile and realise the problems really great problem to have. Don’t believe the hype! COYG!!!

  2. Seems to me like your slightly disappointed and wanted other people to give you something to be ‘Angry’ about. Just face it, trhe dissenters may have loud voices but they’re still a small minority of, mainly, glory hunters.

  3. Slight qualification, these are the results for people who read your blog. You can’t just extrapolate to the whole of the fan base. I can imagine at least two other blogs where the results would be quite different.

  4. We don’t hunt glory, but success! Of course, once the season starts, every gunner loves and supports colours, but a large number of us (including myself) are done with Wenger. No one can live on the past. If it was so, we all would’ve stayed in our 20s….

  5. this is to mike. you are an idiot of coarse we want some glory we are waiting years for some. we the fans have all spent huge money every year on arsenal the team we all love. is it not acceptable we get something back because we know arsene has the money. and finally mike we fallow arsenal FC a huge club not norwich or some small team so get real mike. by the way that statement means no disrespect to any norwich supporters but you can see what im getting at.

    • Calling someone an idiot when you have such appalling grammar and spelling is somewhat ironic, however………. When you say you have spent huge amounts of money I don’t know what you mean. I travel 200 miles to every home game and had my first season ticket in the 1960’s so I think I’ve paid enough to have a valid opinion. I didn’t grow up supporting a team because it was winning things, I grew up supporting my local club because it was my local club. When we won the Fairs Cup in 1970, it was our first trophy for 17 years. After the double in 1971, we waited another 8 years for an FA Cup win. The idea of being a supporter is to SUPPORT not moan because you have a personal desire for glory. We all want to win trophies but why do you think you deserve it just because you decided to follow a certain club. I have far more respect for Norwich fans than I do for so-called Arsenal supporters like you.

  6. That’s a lot of optimistic gooners ! But I suspect the poll reflects more wishful thinking among the fans than any real conviction that something “big” is going to happen. AW dosen’t do “big”. If he did we would be up there challenging for the “big” trophies year on year. We used to have the “big” players but we sold them ! We had Mr “big” last year but he bailed out because he got cheesed off waiting for something “big” to happen. Forgive my cynicism but I never wen’t shopping for bargains on Christmas eve, It leaves too much to chance, and if you get it wrong, there is no forgiveness.

  7. AW is gonna miss out on buying the “big” players in this window.Will give us down at the Lane an even better chance of nicking a top 4 spot with you gooners missing out.This is OUR season.You`’ve had a good run.Now it’s our turn!!!

  8. Let’s not get hysterical about this. Arsenal doesnt need much. We have lost not single core player from last year that means a defense that was already tight, is intact. We dont need a star attacker – we just need more squad depth down the middle to make sure we give away fewer cheap chances. That will put us right in contention for the title.

    All we need in defense is one central defender on the level of a Koscielny or Mertesacker. That’s it. Cost of that is what 10 milllion? If we get that, it really doesnt matter if we change goalkeepers. You cut down on chances given and any goalkeeper looks good.

    In midfield, we need a replacement for Diaby’s size and power (assumption is he wont play many games, unless there is a miracle). That’s a Kondogbia or Capoue type and its not more than 12 million tops.

    In attack we have added Sanogo, which means the attack already has a good fast, agile option to Giroud. The only need therefore is a winger who can replace Gervinho’s ability to dribble at packed defenses. I dont think that costs more than 10 million.

    What I’m saying here is Wenger doesnt need to buy Suarez and therefore and dont know why he is bothering and why a quarter of the poll expects us to spend more than 50 million pounds – a number that Arsenal has NEVER spent before.

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