How Much Will Arsenal Spend?

So far it’s a big fat zero. Are you confident that Arsene will spend anything? I must say I’m starting to think he might not based on some of his recent comments. But on the other hand, he’s letting players go out on loan as well as selling the underperformers, so unless we’re going back to the days of only using about 16 players in the whole season, which was the case about 40 years ago, then surely he must get some new faces in?

If not, we are a couple of injuries away from a very big struggle. I was all for getting the likes of Gervinho out of the building, and indeed the country, but I did kind of expect that freeing up their wages would lead to someone else taking their place.

I can’t believe that Stan Kroenke has ordered Arsene not to buy. I also don’t think Ivan was lying when he talked about big spending this summer, it’s just that he’s not the one signing the cheques. I don’t even think Arsene has lied about signings, I just think he won’t do anything unless it’s on his terms. I tend to think he is genuinely attempting to sign players, but doesn’t agree with the sellers’ valuations rather than the less palatable alternative: he has seen Ivan basically daring him not to spend and decided he won’t just to show him who’s boss.

The only answer to that of course is to sack Arsene, which only Stan can do. And that won’t happen this season, no chance at all. It could well be the end of Arsene at Arsenal if he spends nothing, but they’ll wait till the contract is up next summer.

So will we get signings before the season starts? Or will we start badly and get a load of signings on the last day? Or will we start well and the manager decides we need no signings after all? Or – crazy I know – will we start well but the manager thinks, ‘Hell, I’ve got £100m to spend, I may as well do something with it’ and buy some players anyway?

If I had to guess right now I’d say he will pull something out of left field and sign someone, or two, who are in the £10m-£15m range but haven’t been on the general radar. So I’ll go for a net spend of £20m. How about you?

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27 thoughts on “How Much Will Arsenal Spend?

  1. Reckon Suarez will happen eventually. Then it’ll only take another couple of signings to push us into the 50-75 zone. Also worry we’re going to have to wait for deadline day though

    • My opinion is that Suarez wants to come but Wenger will NOT pay the £50m needed to get him, and if he does not then it’s time for him to call it a day. When a player of that calibre wants to come you have to pay whatever it takes to get him, after all we DO have the money,but we also have a very stubborn boss

      • I do not think you need to pay 50m bucks to get him as we are the only bidders. Liverpool are just posturing aggressively. Just like what Spurs are doing with Bale. What’s the point of holding bucktooth in your squad? He is going to play badly just to drive his price even lower, you will still have to pay his wages. Hack he might even take a chunk out of the manager.

  2. The key is to buy shrewdly. What happens if he spends like u want and wins nothing? Not unrealistic because Man City and Chelsea have spent heavily. Man U are champions so they can only get worse. There can only be one Premiership champion so everybody else are runners up. Can’t imagine what it’d be like if we became like Liverpool. Our starting point should be how much do we need to spend to keep our fourth place finish ahead of Spurs. Achieving anythinv beyond that is a bonus. Everyone needs to keep it real.

  3. Think its unfathomable that we wont spend at least 50 mill. Suarez looking like a moody git every time he’s caught on camera can mean only one thing.
    We’ve got rid of something like 12 first teamers leaving about 400k in wages being saved. We’ve only got 3 CB’s and one makeshift one, one of which is injured. Not to mention we look light in the Defensive Midfield position. He’s frugal and god damn annoying sometimes but one thing you can’t associate with AW is stupidity. We’ll get em in, just when, we don’t know.

    • He probably doesn’t want it to all go on just one player.

      I think we’ll get one or two well known players and one or two we’ll have to Google. At least one player will be German, as he has a bit of a hard on for ze Germans at the moment.

    • We spent 46m last year and 57m the year before and the year before that. So we are averaging over 50m per season. The difference this year will be going around the 50m mark for 1 player. If that player is Suarez I will be disappointed. There are better players for that price and below!

  4. Seriously I think this whole Suarez deal is a big hoax. If Arsenal really wanted to spend that big, they would have spent at least 30million on Higuan. The signing for the forward position for this summer is done….Yaya Sonogo. In all honesty, I don’t think there will be any more signings.
    Arsene, prove me wrong.

  5. As must as I hate to admit it, Wenger has a plan which would surprise us all. He and Arsenal have dropped hints but we and most bloggers were not taking note.

    Who are the core players at Arsenal?

    I believe he is using the same stragedy as he did with the Emirates. Rebuilding the team, now if he pulls it off many of us will have to put our feet in our mouths.

  6. I honestly can’t see him doing well this transfer window. Most teams will now charge a premium to lose vital first team players. It gets to the point where the business must be done early.

    The only thing that I could see happening is that there are last minute bids for Lewandowski which gets accepted (Arsenal not bidding for him). I know that he wants Bayern, but if enough money came in, he would move.

    I get the sneaky impression that Wenger will fall on his sword this window as this year is the last big lie from the board that we have money.

  7. “I also don’t think Ivan was lying when he talked about big spending this summer” well we have heard that from him for the last couple of transfer windows have we not?
    I think it is normal for us to be skeptical about the transfers because you always are when you are doing something that has never been done.

  8. Suarez is reaching the point where his feeling LFC are not respecting his wishes and going to force the transfer. He started off quietly but Rogers is making a mockery of everything IMO. It’s already beginning to boil with the legal action, if Rogers carries on being a spoilt child a transfer request will 100% happen. Then it’s only a matter of time before his ours! I would like to think at £15mill Gustavo could interest Wenger, he’d be a solid signing and the thought of swapping Gervinho for Nani who’s only rated around the £15mill mark too, that’d be a pretty solid squad. Obviously a CB would be nice too, apparently Wengers letting Miguel go off on loan so that shows signs his looking, maybe Williams. Month to go, signs are looking promising 🙂 C’MON YOU GUNNERS!

  9. To some extent the club is getting what it deserves. Cause and effect. It’s science. If you buy players like Chamakh, Squillaci, Santos, Cygan, Jeffers they will not help a team to consitently perform. The reliance on younger, but good, players will not make a consistent challenging team. Replacing Nasri, Cesc, RVP with lesser players will not make a team to win the Premiership or Champions League. We have to accept Wenger is deluded, because we watch the team and know they are not good enough. It’s empirical. You cannot turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. When the supporters realise that fact, they can push Wenger out. Until then it’s the same old recipe, same old result. If we don’t sign some good players then we know something is wrong within the club. That would spell trouble. It’s better for the fans and the club to be brave and let Wenger go.

  10. Don’t laugh, but I am pretty sure Arsene will break our transfer record signing at least twice. He admitted long ago the team requires exceptional players – and they don’t come cheap. He needs an exceptional striker plus an exceptional LW, an experienced GK and a quality CB, for a start All those are ‘must haves’ and he may well go further and put icing on the cake with a specialist DM and an outstanding playmaker. The money is there – £123m of it – so why on earth would he hold back? He has cleared the deadwood, the squad is lean and hungry, the stage set for a major influx. Suarez, Bernard, Williams, Cesar, Fabregas and Fellaini – bring them all on.

  11. At least £12.50.

    Honestly, there is no reason not to spend £50 mil+, and in traditional fashion I would not be slightly surprised if none of them were on the radar before they were paraded in the Red and White.

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