Spurs Fans Abuse Owner Of @avb Twitter Account. Oops.

I’m not one to generalise and stigmatise whole groups of people, but sometimes groups don’t help themselves. First we had Spurs fans having a go at cyclist Chris Hoy on twitter, after referee Chris Foy had upset them, and now the @avb tweets.  Ashley van Buren appears to be an American lady living in New York, and has very reasonably chosen a twitter handle made up of her initials. Unfortunately these are the same as the manager of a certain north London football team who lost heavily yesterday, leading to a large number of their fans being dumb enough to tweet abuse to Ms Van Buren, apparently in the genuine belief that their manager is on twitter. Here’s a very small selection of her responses:avb tweets

It reminded me of this, which I saved when the story came out last year:spurs iq watermark

Of course it’s not all Spurs fans who are so stupid, and some Arsenal fans have abused the unfortunate owner of the @rvp twitter name, but even so did they learn nothing from the Hoy/Foy debacle? What’s next? Abuse for Rowan Atkinson next time Martin Atkinson doesn’t give them a penalty (which they’ll be upset about, as that’s where most of their goals come from).

Twitter: @AngryOfN5


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