Arsene’s ‘How to buy players’ Flowchart (humourless AKBs look away now)

I did a flowchart last year on how Arsene buys players, but the wily old fox has changed his methods. I had to send Edna the tea lady in to root around in Ivan’s bin again to find out what was going on. She came up with this:

How to sign players 2014Follow me on twitter: @AngryOfN5


4 thoughts on “Arsene’s ‘How to buy players’ Flowchart (humourless AKBs look away now)

  1. This is incredibly hilarious. The algorithm is funny because it’s so realistically based on what has happened this past few seasons. Sending it Edna on a fact finding mission – pure genius.

  2. Absolute magic ! Back on cloud nine Phil ! Will chat and argue matters with you next week ! For now its party time !

  3. If the relevant people see this, they will suicide. You have done a great job of making fun with this flowchart. Funny as hell!

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