Arsenal’s Cash Balance: A New Record Of Over £200m!

Arsenal’s accounts to the end of May 2014 are out, and the figure we all love to see is the cash balance. Arsenal hold by far the biggest cash balance of any Premier League club, for no apparent reason other than a generally conservative stance on the part of the Board, and a manager who is a one-off in terms of both his control over team spending and his desire to only spend when he considers he’s getting good value.

There may possibly be a more sinister third factor: that Stan Kroenke is insisting on holding ever bigger amounts of cash in Arsenal in order to satisfy his creditors elsewhere that he always has a large supply of cash on tap if he should need to call on it.

If it’s the third one, then it isn’t going to be spent, and we can all forget about improving the squad to a position somewhere close to the sugar daddy boys, and settle for occasional title challenges if we’re lucky.

If it’s one of the first two, or both, then which is the bigger factor doesn’t really matter. Either way, Arsenal’s pile of cash has grown steadily for quite a while now. Like this:

arsenal cash balances table 2014Or if you prefer a graph:

arsenal cash balances graph 2014That is impressive growth by any standards.

What’s the point of keeping all that cash then? Answers on a postcard to Mr A Wenger, Arsenal Stadium.

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7 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Cash Balance: A New Record Of Over £200m!

  1. is diz what its all abt?.dnt u guyz think its abt time we stamped our authority over so-called emerging forces like chelsea and man city now that man utd is struggling?.

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