Premier League Top 4 Predictions 2015-16 – Collated List

Here’s a collated list of top 4 predictions from various media types and pundits, and this year I’ve added a few of my fellow Arsenal fans in on the basis we were all dead confident – right up to the point West Ham scored their second goal last weekend. Too late to change predictions now, though, we’ll just have to grit our teeth and bear it. One game can’t be taken as indicative of the whole season though (we hope) . . . though I do note that in the last 25 years only once has a team lost their opening match and gone on to win the title that season. And it wasn’t Arsenal.

Predictions 2015-16The Guardian journos only predicted a champion, not a whole top four. The Telegraph did predictions, but on a video that contained no clues as to who was speaking, if, like me, you have no idea what different Daily Telegraph journalists look like. Sky Sports are stuffed with ex-players who are normally keen to give opinions but unlike last year I couldn’t find a list of their predictions.

The most noticeable thing this season is the almost complete lack of variety in the teams selected. It’s last season’s top four all the way, apart from a tiny minority who think Liverpool can scrape in to the elite group, with a single person predicting Liverpool in the top three. Mind you, on previous form, if the Guardian journos had gone for the whole top four some might well have included Bournemouth, Crystal Palace and Leicester.

If you have seen other predictions I can add to the list, let me know.

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