Who Likes Spurs?

As everyone knows, Tottenham fans are generally insanely jealous of Arsenal and not much given to logic or reasoning. This is especially true of Totts fans who write websites. One thing all their websites seem to have is a list of alleged “Famous Spurs Supporters”. Most of them are Z-listers (eg “Icelandic TV newsreader”). They usually bump up the numbers by adding past Spurs players (Sheringham, Sherwood, Ruddock, etc – most of whom didn’t actually stick around at Spurs very long), and usually some dead people (Peter Cook, Frankie Vaughn; presumably the atmosphere suits them down to the ground – or six feet under it), or people who maybe should be dead by now (Bruce Forsyth, Chas & Dave). (On the other hand, we have Piers Morgan, so you know, swings and roundabouts.)

Doesn’t look MUCH like a Tottenham fan

I’ve seen other entries that are even more dubious. For example, “Colin Firth, actor”. Colin Firth, let’s not forget, famously starred as an Arsenal supporter in Fever Pitch, the film of the most famous book ever written about Arsenal, and he became good mates with the book’s author, a lifelong Arsenal fanatic. Now I ask you: what sort of Tottenham fan would play that part? I’ve never seen or heard of Colin Firth having the remotest interest in Spurs, and if he’s a Spurs fan surely he would have mentioned it to someone, somewhere, sometime. Around Fever Pitch, would an interviewer not have said, “So Colin, as a Spurs fan what’s it like to play this role?” Verdict: bluff.

Next, “Sting, singer”. Mr Sumner is from Wallsend, which is almost in Newcastle. Is he officially a Geordie? No idea, but the tabloids usually call him one. He even appears on lists of “Celebrity Toon fans” alongside Mark Knopfler and, er, that bloke out of AC/DC – not the famous one, the other one. So what possible reason could Sting have for supporting Tottenham? Answer: none. Bluff again.

Now the best of all: “Ted Baker, fashion designer”. The thing about Ted Baker is that he’s like Chelsea’s history: he doesn’t actually exist. It’s a piece of corporate imagination, made up by some bloke to open a shirt shop, and he’s therefore less real than Ronald McDonald (who, surprisingly, doesn’t appear). Not just bluff, outright lie.

Thus I conclude:

  1. No one of any importance likes Spurs.
  2. In their desperation to be a big club, they make up imaginary supporters to make themselves look more popular.
  3. How very sad.

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83 thoughts on “Who Likes Spurs?

  1. I’d argue mate that writing such totally pointless drivel about that lot shows an inappropriate fascination that they will be quick to seize on. Rise above it.

  2. Brilliant article! What a peice of literary genius! Obviusly being on the doll gives one with such an excellent grasp of the Englisg language plenty of time to write about such things that only appeal to prep school kids to shout their spuds supporting mates in the sand pit! Look forward to hearing a lot more these high calibre articles! How very sad!!

  3. Pathetic little article by a pathetic little person. Better to spend your time looking for a decent job instead of trying to inciting hate between rival supporters.

  4. And your point is? We have plenty of famous Spurs supporters not that its got any thing to do with your scam for a football club.

  5. Surprise surprise, another Woolwich squatter Tottenham obsessed article, and you lot say that we mean nothing to your lot, the evidence to the contrary is evident week after week. You don`t read an awful lot, if any, of Goon articles written by a Tottenham supporter, do you? Get a life! COYS!

    • FYI EngNor Tottenham didn’t become part of North London until after WW2 and Arsenal moved to Highbury in 1913 and have been there for 99 years which is considerably more than the 26 spent in Woolwich,

      Just so you know WW2 was fought between 1939 and 1945 and Arsenal moved to Highbury in 1913 which was pre WW1 which was fought between 1914 and 1918. I believe Tottenham was technically still part of Middlesex until 1969 but I will for arguments sake allow Spurs to be considered a North London club from 1945 mean Arsenal were in North London for 32 years before your lot came along which is still more than the 26 we spent in Woolwich.

      I tell you all of this because I am assuming that as a Spurs fan you have very little knowledge or understanding of history.

  6. I would like to call you an idiot.
    But as you are a scum fan then I suppose that you cannot help it.
    In case you do not remember(like 90% of yr mates) before Wenger you lot played the WORST and MOST BORING football in the world let alone the UK.
    Just becasue you(like MU) became lucky and found a decent mananger, do not think that it will last.

    Last season without RVP you were hopeless and when he goes so will you become although TBH I hope not.

    I have never hated you lot although I wish that you had stayed at Woolwich and I find it strange that you lot NEVER admit to the 1919 DISHONESTY which invalidates totally your right to be in the PL (the then Arsenal chairman admitted this in the 30s) but your petty rnats like the above make me sick.
    We invented the football that you call “your own” and we have always been football purists unlike yoyu lot and “1-0 to the gooners”. That and your migration to our doorstep is why ws cannot stand you.

    BUT we actually have very much in common: very well run clubs, no megabuck sugardaddies, no real outstanding debt and now a similar playing style and we should be fighting the financial prostitutes of OT,SB, Anfield & CoMS, all of whom BOUGHT their trophies. In case yopu forgot (that is, if you ever knew) the great Liverpool side was created with MONEY and lots of it as very few were home grown. The MU caught onto the idea as did Chelski & MC. These four are the destroyers of footballing honesty and we should be united gainst them. So rant on and alienate an ally you fool.

    • I certainly don’t dispute Arsenal used to be boring for a while under George Graham. Not really sure you can claim it’s just luck that Arsenal and Man U appointed good managers. Maybe you want to level the playing field by not having managers at all?

      • Mate, they wre boring for some 25 yrs before GG came along. Even the 70-71 side about whom you all glow, horrified almost all of the UK when you bored your way to the double. Since then there have been apologists galore trying to extoll the virtues of that side but those who watched them, we know and no media bullsh*t will remove that.

        As for managers: you missed my point entirely, as usual i suppose, like MU with Feguson, you wre very lucky with Wenger as he was an unknown by all except Hoddle and you took a risk and it paid off. My point, which I will repeat, is that the choice of a manager is so important that Fortuna plays the biggest role here and becasue of this MU like Arsenal will not necessarily continue any success once they go and just like Liverpool. I really do not care about you lot but OMG I hope MU liose their way once Ferguson goes.
        BTW apologies for the mistypes but the print is so small i can barely see it.

      • Arsenal did not bore their way to the title in ’89 and ’91, and scored 71 league goals in 1970-71, 17 more than Spurs (admittedly one fewer than Leeds). So although there have been periods of boring play at Arsenal, you’re considerably overstating it.

        As for managers, your point seems to be that they’re so important that getting a good one is always down to luck. Well okay, partly, but so are injuries and so is the question of who owns the club. Everything has an element of luck in football. There’s no guarantee that any team will be successful whoever the manager is, but it does seem likely whoever succeeds Fergie will have a hard job continuing anything line the same level of success. Liverpool and Arsenal are the only two clubs in English football history to change manager and remain the dominant club.

      • Reply to yr reply as no reply possible to reply : )

        Did you actually SEE the 70-71 side? My then girlfriend was a ST holder at Highbury and we had a deal we went to all home games for both sides (some conflict and we tossed) and for THFC supporter I saw enough gooner games to do me a lifetime. It was choke up the oppositon with the offside high line and the long ball with a group of very aggressive foraging midfielders, and any decent Italian or Spanish side would have eaten you. Like it or not it was an antifootball side.
        I only saw only ONE match where you looked like it was football.

        Now you dispute the luck part but just look at your past season:
        part one Pre RVP; part two with RVP. says it all really.

        You lot have been very lucky with your manager and I have been to numerous AFC sites who clamoured for Wenger’s dismissal and I said that you were all crazy.
        Let’s just see how good you are whe he does go.
        But it will be the plummetting MU who will really thrill me when rednose goes..

  7. You conveniently missed:
    Jude Law
    Bryan Adams
    Phil Collins
    Bob Marley

    But other than that it’s a really well-written article with a an important point and underlying messages. A gold star for you.

  8. And arsenals most famous fan? Osama bin laden.

    What a pointless and obsessive article.

    Not sure who wasted more of their life, me for reading and responding or the original author of this dross.

  9. ‘or people that should be dead by now’…………..what kind of sick shit goes through your head?
    It’s not okay to write that kind of stuff.That’s what democracy allows…twats like you to write bile like this and try to create hatred between rival supporters.
    You only speak for yourself-not all of us Gooners -with this load of bollocks.
    Brucey….for the record…supports us and them,as we shared a ground once for a while,and he used to go and watch both teams each week.
    You need to grow up kid,we left people like you behind years ago.

  10. Who cares you muppet. But just for your info try Luke Donald(No.1 golfer in d world), J.K. Rowling(author of Harry Potter books), Bryan Adams, Patsy Kensit, Shania Twain, Paul Whitehouse, Phil Collins, Michael McIntyre, Jonathan Trott, Terry Wogan, Sir Alan Sugar, Terry Wogan, Trever MacDonald and ‘Arsenal Legends’ Dennis Bergkamp and Bruce Rioch to name but a few. Plus for the record we’re certainly not insanely jealous of your lot, why would we be.

    • because we’ve won titles in the last 50 years…? and our groud doesn’t resemble as toilet.

      • Learn to spell you illiterate nomad f**k. So history only goes back 50 years to suit yourself, why not make it let’s pluck a number out of the sky and say 7 years. What makes a ground is the atmosphere but you would probably have never experienced that with your dumb shit non singing fans.

    • You’ve named Terry Wogan twice. Bergkamp never supported Spurs, he just liked the way they played. It’s called admiration. Even the staunchest of Gooners can and will admire SOME of the football played by Spurs last season.

      FYI – JK Rowling doesn’t support any football team. She has only ever mentioned one club in her books and that was West Ham United and she did that to pay homage to a very good friend of hers who is a massive Hammers fan.

      Spurs fans really struggle with facts don’t they?

    • Two Terry Wogans? Dear God.. I hope not! Bile spewing from your pen (the word pen is used figuratively) when you wrote this was there?

  11. Spurs good team, play footballs good as well. your article is not good, not like spurs we are good. Your fans jus not clever as us.

    Long lives Tottnahom

    Yes – be4 U as I am the intelligent 1from the lane.

    • @ harry rednopp
      Your use of grammar leaves a lot to be desired to say the least.

      So who’s the clever one then? It’s so definitely not you!

      I think you should go back to school and learn to read and write English, maybe even study English as a language too? Please do so before you resort to posting your drivel on here.

  12. Err, Vertonghen. So much so, he’d rather sign for us ahead of the Le Scum even though we don’t have a manager of champions league football. That is almost as embarrassing as this article. Small club, shift fans. Very shit fans.

    • No mate. He wants to sign for a smaller club because he is guaranteed first team football. He knows that at Arsenal he would just be back up. Says everything about the calibre and mentality of the players our respective clubs attract.

  13. Oh I’m so gutted that you have more celebrity fans than us, because celebrity is so important and this just emphasise what a huge important club you support. You utter twit

  14. Who’s jealous of who!? Seems odd that you feel the need to write a negative article.

    And, while I don’t care who Firth supports, I think he would be a little bit more mature than you give him credit for.

    • Who’s jealous of who…. mind the gap? forever in our shadow… Mind the Gap? Shift in power…?

      Or have you all forgotton before Feb/March….

      • Spurs were widely aknowledged as having played the best football in the premier last season, that matters more to me than the finishing position.

      • arsenal fans are totally and irrationally obssessed with finishing above spurs. Saddest thing is that Arsenal fans seem to hold their percieved superiority as part of their own personal identity; like a spoiled jealous kid who realised that their sibling is getting all the attention all of a sudden, the prospect of finishing below us hurt them to the core. its almost a little weird. The whole ‘mind the gap’, ‘st totteringhams day’ crap is of so little interest to spurs fans, yet gooners base their entire ‘fan identity’ on it. focus on yourselves not on us, cos we dont care about you. so f**k off!

      • i dont think I have heard so much public vitriol over the ‘mind the gap’ thing between the two sets of fans. The media conconcted the whole thing and gooners bought into it. the success of your football team says nothing about you as a person. equally the success of the ‘celebrities’ that support a club says nothing about the club or about the celebrity. so just chill out.

  15. Bitter spuds…. 51 years, crap stadium, but the cleanest windows in London thanks to the window lickers they call fans. Bless you have to laugh the last time they saw the Title lifted at the Lane it was Pat Vieria.

    changing the subject…. so what about that Modric fella…. Real Madrid hey… VDV off to Germany… Huddlestone and Livermore – a midfield that will put the frightners on…. erm…. any sunday league outfit. (maybe).

    Leadfoot’s signed on for another year though… Living the dream are the spuds. You had your window (chose to lick it…) instead of take it, back to mid table nothingness

      • Obsessed says the clown on an Arsenal site… who has posted more than any other… does the word irony mean anythign to you?

    • If the caveman begins to throw stones, He may just receive them back with malice. Your whole club started on immoral ground. Best you wait for evolution before you start calling civilised people knuckle draggers. COYS!

      • “Your whole club started on immoral ground” – would you like to explain that one? A group of workers starting a football team at an armaments factory is immoral?? Are you a very old WW1 pacifist?

      • I assume you refer to Arsenal’s election to Division 1 in 1919, which wasn’t actually an introduction because AFC had been there before and were relegated in 1913. If you think it was immoral, can you please provide some sort of evidence? Admission of guilt, documentation of some sort? I’m afraid I can’t just take what someone has written on a website as evidence, unless of course it is backed up in some way with hard provable facts.

  16. What jealous of moving into your territory,or perhaps paying the FA to move into the 1st division, Sorry, I forgot they voted you in didn’t they?

  17. Why the hell spurs fans would read these pages is utterly beyond me. Never read a spurs based twitterfeed/blog/fanzine/book in my life as I have no interest in them and find it odd that people would bother looking for articles that they know are going to annoy/offend/upset them. Worrying mentality. Seek help.

    • In their defence, I think NewsNow automatically allocates categories based on keywords in the title, so it gets presented to them that way. They could of course ignore it. I’m sure they’re all blocking this site from their NewsNow feeds, so they won’t be tempted again.

      • Oh I see, easy to get suckered into something you don’t like by a keyword based thing. Know I’m an old fart but the whole “wailing and gnashing of teeth” thing from ALL fans (ours included) gets right on my tits

  18. Never will I ever understand how anyone can think their point well founded, no matter how (un)eloquent the delivery, when it’s made on a site dedicated to the support of their opposing view.

    It’s like going to a synagogue thinking that that would be the perfect place to tell the world how you thought that Hitler had the right idea.

  19. I will admit that our supporters do embarrass me a bit at times but reading the inherent arrogance above makes me really laugh after watching you lot since 1955.
    In case you forget you weren’t even thought of as a rival until GG came on the scene except as a”local hate derby”. In fact to make this point in the damour “hornby match” at Anfield I was barracking for you lot as i hated(and still do) the bindippers more and your second goal almost had me kicked out of the college.
    Isn’t there one here who watched a Highbury match before the 90s?
    Or are you all “Johny come latelies” or Success-Roaches”?

  20. Oh Bryan..I also go to Jihad websites. but my aim there is simply to annoy them and I receive the usual death threats as they hate having he Koran shown to them by an infidel.
    Here it is simply to reply to a public outpouring of hateful pus and i guess that this column and jihad ones have that in common.

  21. Phil, you might be interested to know that I’m just about to write an article that shows how unpopular Tottenham have been throughout the history of football. I’ve uncovered some interesting information that seems to be missed out of Tottenham’s history as it shows that no one within the game particularly cares for them.

    I’ve no idea why this is the case but it has been the case for 120 years.

    • Well I must say I find this very strange, because a lot of the commenters here say that Tottenham are incredibly popular and it’s Arsenal who no one likes!
      But I’ll look forward to that being disproven.

    • Err take yr medication regularly you sick boy.

      Here I was thuinking that it was the MU and previously the LPool clubs that were most hated and along comes an “expert”. Even I could not claim that Arsenal are the most hated as since wenger yr football has been..well..football. But you gave it afair puish before then.

      The pus here is incredible or is just you lot w*nking publicly?
      Hard to tell as the hate defies logic.
      I am actually feeling sorry for you lot as the illness must be terrible to endure.

      The funny thing is apart from our morons (every club has them) we all appreciated how you played in the late 90s early 2000s and along comes a website like this.

      Don’t worry I wont come back but i was curious as I have never seen a football site with so much hatred. Anyone would thin k that you were cheated in 1919 and that your chiarman instead of admitting bribery accused us of it.

      Now you ncan all ***k in private


      • Well before you go, can you just give me some reference / link / anything for the admission of bribery from the unnamed Arsenal chairman?
        If there was admission of bribery I’ll acknowledge it – I’ll write a whole blog about it if you like. But I’d like to see some evidence first.

      • Apparently Henry Norris must have “bribed” 17 other club chairmen in 1919. It’s funny that, even following his big falling out with the FA in 1927 and his death in 1934, not one of these chairman came out and said “yeah, Henry put a few quid in my pocket to vote for The Arsenal.”

        In fact, in 1927 Norris admitted to a lot of things such as paying signing-on fees over and above what was allowed and using the club to pay his chauffeur. BUt there was still nothing about anything underhand in 1919. He was obviously a good politician and knew how best to charm and influence people.

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  23. Up the yids! I have to say it troubles me whenever anyone mentions history,as this author somewhat childishly did about Chelsea,it’s almost as if they only follow a club because of their history and hence glory,seems dubious to me.

  24. Excellent blog you have here.. It’s hard to find good quality writing like yours nowadays.
    I truly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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