Stewart Robson begins short-lived love affair with Arsenal

Here’s Stewart Robson signing for Arsenal in 1981 as a fresh-faced 16 year old. Ken Friar looks less than impressed, I must say. Perhaps he was enjoying a Scotch in his office when the photographer dragged him out for a picture. Or perhaps Mystic Ken foresaw Robson’s future career as a critical pundit of the World’s Greatest Football Club. Personally I take no notice of what Stewart Robson says, for two reasons mainly: firstly I haven’t got time, and secondly it has no effect on what Arsenal do because Arsene Wenger certainly doesn’t listen to him either.

And if Stewart Robson is of even less interest to you these days than he is to me, feast your eyes on the two pictures below. Paul Ince, as well as spending ages unsuccessfully trying to get people to call him ‘Guvnor’, had a moderately successful career as pop artiste Kid Creole. Well, it damn well looks like he did anyway.

The Kid and The Guv’nor – never seen together



14 thoughts on “Stewart Robson begins short-lived love affair with Arsenal

  1. At least you don’t have to listen to him slag off Arsenal at every opportunity on the Premier League’s international feed. It’s absolutely unbearable the way he consistently embarrasses himself and the club. #mute

  2. Short lived? The man played for the club, and was employed by the club after that. Only in the last couple of years has he started to voice his disquiet. And as soon as he disagreed with “The Official Line”, what a surprise, he was got rid of. How about not trying to rewrite history to fit in with your view of Arsene as the saviour of Arsenal? 1886Not1996

  3. Mr Robson appears to make his credibility by slagging off Arsenal. When he left us and went to West Ham i believe he claimed to be a west ham supporter and that they were a bigger club. I may be wrong, it was a long time ago. Why doesnt he comment on west ham and leave us alone?

  4. You are, indeed, correct Jay.

    This is what he said:

    “People wonder why I am leaving Arsenal, claiming they are one of the game’s great clubs. That is a matter of opinion—and it is not my opinion. I have always rated West Ham .a very good club and admire the kind of football they play. As far as I’m concerned it is a great move for me and I’m very happy to be joining the Hammers. And I won’t be among strangers. I live just round the corner from Tony Cottee and know him well.”

    18 months later his mate Cottee deserted the sinking ship for Everton (Arsenal were in for him but the fool, like Robson, decided we were going nowhere).

    One more year later Arsenal were league champions, Robson was relegated with West Ham and Everton were in the descendency finishing 8th.

  5. So former players should make mundane comments like, ‘he’ll get it right’. Some people just dont want to wake up and smell the coffee.
    Wrighty, for instance, wants to say more but does not want to be unpopular amongst Arsenal fans, same for Keown.

  6. anyone listening to Robson tonight on Talksport OUGHT to have agreed that without question his views are correct.Look at our defending amateurish at best lets hop that Bouldy will be given the means to improve that side of our game and there can be not many fans tat would disagree that the OX IS A FAR BETTER PROSPECT THAN WALCOTT

  7. For goodness sake stop this ridiculous attempt at character assassination. Robson was a loyal player while he was a the club and was let go to West Ham so he could get first team football, Arsenal had nothing but creditable comments about him when he left!! As for his commentry, he was always very objective and fair about how well Arsenal were playing and exactly where things were going right And where they were going wrong – this was what has cost him his place at Arsenal as sadly it appears either the Board collectively or individually or indeed Arsene himself doesn’t like to hear any comments being critical of the team/club/manager even though it points out the truth, this doesn’t make him anti-Arsenal! It just makes him honest, but it would appear people including those at Arsenal and some of those elements of support who don’t like the truth being told would rather just like to hear what THEY want to have said.

    I personally would appreciate honesty and truthful assessment of things rather than a whitewashed image – but that is what we are about to get, but that is not surprising as all of the comments and commentry on the and Arsenal player are all very clean, non-critical scripted broadcasts – what a very sad situation as this makes for a watered down, soporific, almost pathetic view of the play/players/management/board.

    • “Ridiculous attempt at a character assassination”?! You’re going to have to explain that one, because if you actually read the words in the blog post you’ll see there’s no such thing.
      I await your justification. This should be good.

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