Which Teams Have Actually Won Trophies Since Arsenal Did – And Why?

Here’s a table of trophy winners since 2005-06.

I’m fairly sure about the wage figures, but if I’ve made an error please point it out – with a link to the correct information. If you add in net transfer spend, Liverpool were also bigger spenders than Arsenal in 2012, but not in 2006 or 2009.

Admittedly this is a fairly small timescale in the grand scheme of things, but it does indicate that for the vast majority of clubs the odd cup success is all they can hope for – and even that is very very rare for nearly all of the also-rans.

So is it possible for Arsenal to win major trophies? Of course. Is it likely? Umm . . . Is this a reason to give up and accept second best? No – it should be the spur (sorry) to maximise efficiency and effort, otherwise we may as well all give up.


48 thoughts on “Which Teams Have Actually Won Trophies Since Arsenal Did – And Why?

  1. I think the vast majority of supporters are intelligent enough to realise that winning things is very difficult in an environment where the others are practically ‘buying’ it. However what irks people is that we are setting out not to win. You look at the team at the start of every season and it is clear that we won’t win anything. We are always 2-3 players short of a ‘have-a-good-go-at-it’ team yet we shouldn’t be, we are not paupers. Our main objective is qualification for the champion’s league yet we have realistically a tiny chance of winning it. But I guess it’s all about the money.

  2. We have the highest youth wagebill in the world. Proves moneybiss wasted. Then thevhuge wages rosicky squilaci djourou denilson diaby gibbs etc.. its not about how much you spend its what you spend it on. Difference between our bill and citys last season was 9 players 8 of which were not at the club. Adebayor santa cruz bridge bellamy tevez that highlights how much we are wasting.

    • This is pure hyperbole. Actually most young players who join Arsenal from other clubs would earn MORE if they chose to join the clubs that are winning anything eg Chelsea, Man U, Man City. Even Liverpool too for example outbid Arsenal on salary when the likes of Raheem Sterling joined them. When Chris Smalling joined Man Utd, his agent said their salary offer “blew Arsenal out of the water”.

      Some of you have no idea what is going on out there.

  3. if we still had Cole, Fabegas, Nasri and Van Persie we would be a solid team. However, the problem is we do not have steel in the team like we used and we don’t spend. The result is therefore proportionate, which means no trophies. If we are lucky enough to win something then fine. The last 8 years speak for themselves and long may this continue until the board don’t go, poss wenger aswell or the rules change oin our favour e.g financial fair play

  4. I totally agree with Marc B. Arsenal FC is not a club short of funds, just short of ambition, from the upper echelons filtering down to the team. If buying quality players and adding strength to the team is what it takes to win trophies, why are we always lagging? Is the board throttling funds so that AW is restricted in his purchases? or is AW the one insistent that AFC do not have to spend copious amounts to win trophies, just to prove a point?

    Either way, Arsenal FC as a club and its supporters are slowly disappearing into that wretched category we term ‘has-beens’. AW is always quick to point out that we have qualified for the Champions League group stage for 16 consecutive years. During that time have we actually won it?? If Pep Guardiola is looking for a team to manage, he should try the Emirates, he might just get lucky…

    • “AW is always quick to point out that we have qualified for the Champions League group stage for 16 consecutive years. During that time have we actually won it??” It’s all about the money. Getting that money for 16 years straight is the achievement, it keeps us anywhere near competing with the billionaires. Of course it would be great to win it, but it’s not hard to see why AW brings it up all the time. Without CL money, and games, we wouldn’t even have the players we have now. We’d be Tottenham, or worse.

      • Tottenham arent doing badly either. Well at least they spend and have quality players. Arsenal need 3-4 quality players. we need to but a player say sneider at 30mill and that would be a statement !!!!!!!1

  5. Arsenal have no notion of winning anything, now or in the near future. Why ? The people who are currently in charge of the club have no interest in its welfare and are only concerned about personal financial gain. David Deans departure left a boardroom divided which allowed two totally unsuitable individuals to become involved in the club that has led to total inertia. Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of this debacle has been the treatment of a once great manager . Arsene Wenger. He has watched player after player being poached by teams who are not worthy of the title” football club” . Middle east money laundering outfits is what they are . The game is full of spivs , agents and an FA who are happy to take the money and run . And you ask can Arsenal win major trophies ! Arsenal sold their best goal scorer of recent years to one of their bitterest rivals , no bother ! good business they said . And here you are wondering about transfer spend and if it is a reason to give up and accept second place ! Phil , we don’t have a choice, you and I don’t count anymore. You are ArsenaL to the back bone and I would never disrespect you or your views but Arsenal are no longer about winning , this once great club is just another “trophy” for some empty headed , repugnant millionaires . I hate them.

    • I note what you say noel, and you are right. However, we need to get rid of the board and possibly wenger. We need David Dein back and Usmanov.

      Arsenal get what they deserve every year – see last 8 years. This year is no different. We may get lucky and win a one off trophy but that is no good. We need to spend and compete. When it will come to that crucial QF or SF we will lose

      • “We need to get Dein back and Usmanov”

        I think you’re confused. Dein sold out to Usmanov, which is precisely the source of the instability on the board today. Plus Dein’s son has spend the past half decade doing his best to gut the team of its best players. Wow – now THAT’s a guy who really loves Arsenal and we must get him back. *roll eyes*

        By the way, did anyone not notice that part of the board’s resistance to paying Ashley Cole coincided with the fact that he was not a Darren Dein client? Meanwhile, the likes of Henry and Fabregas signed on with Darren Dein and the board paid them the highest salaries ever at Arsenal – before they then moved to to fill Dein’s pockets with money spinning moves to Barcelona.

        As for Usmanov his first move after paying Dein Millions for his shares was to agitate for a….dividend! That’s right – he wanted the club to PAY HIM money from its operations, having put exactly ZERO into its budget. But you think he will invest cash for transfers and will be an ideal custodian of the club? For real? Like the big bad bad wolf would “take care of” little red riding hood?

        Some of you are not living in reality. Not by a long shot.

      • so what is reality Ziontrain……. winning nothing and carry on as we are. Why do 60,000 fans have to see live matches and still be discontent. We were playing good football – where has it gone. We have no style, no steel. It’s only a matter of time before we become a Newcastle Utd even they are spending now !!!!!

        As to David Dein – he had foreseen where everything was going. Once he left you didnt expect his son to stay. money talks and if he made money so everyone does. If Cole and Henry were the highest paid …. so bloody what. Who isnt these days – its not coming out of your pocket.

        Usmanov has stated that he will give a min of £100m for transfers. Also he had mentioned the fact that he rather not be on the board as the club are not doing the right things to make it attractive. Money makes money. Arsenal are for what the team does on the field – everything else is secondary. Ex; Persie is sold for £24 million – are man utd not able to retrieve that if Persie scores 20-25 golals which he will, and if they win the prem or some other trophy then they made a solid profit. Fact remains we need to invest otherwise dont expect anything. We lat the last 8 years go without winning anything. People like Viera and after must have said we did the right thing. Same with Persie – he did the right thing. Last 8 years we have lost 4 capts – says everyhing there is to it.

      • Your thinking is completely muddled and you are mixing issues.

        Reality is:
        1) Yes the current situation is bad on the field, as Kroenke is out for himself
        2) Dein and Usmanov are not your saviors either, as they are not here for anything but themselves either.

        Your trawling out Usmanov’s empty promises is laughable. The SAME person in one breath demanded a dividend and then in the next makes a promise of “minium of 100 million transfer fund”….and you believe him? Why one earth was he demanding a dividend then?

        Besides which there is NOTHING stopping Usmanov from buying a local Uzbekh club, putting his claimed 100 million in it and putting it in the champions league. That is what the russian owner of Anzhi in Russia did. That is what the owners of PSG did. Usmanov, well he is gaming Arsenal shares with his money, almost ALL of which has gone direclty into Dein’s pockets.

        But you would have us believe that Usmanov has this 100 million sitting around purely waiting to serve the love of football and only Arsenal will get it because he loves the club so much. Freakin joke….

        No offense but you need to sit down and actually think. It wouldnt take more than a high school education to figure out that he is lying. You should be insulted by his assumption that fans are of such low intelligence to buy such blatant lies.

        Similarly you cant come here and claim Dein loves the club when his son is raping it – and making Wenger look bad in the process. With club “friends” like this presumably Wenger does not need enemies. Pull the other leg please, because this is a bad joke. Dein took his money and ran. If he came back he wouldnt be coming for your sake – he’d be coming as a front man for Usmanov to rape the club too. No surprise as Dein had his son’s hand in the till while he was here before.

        Like I said, pull yourself together and learn to separate one thought from the next.

      • ok. I hear what you say, but the fact remains that we are not the team that we used to be. ever since we moved to the emirates we have won jack all. Instead of improving we are going the other direction. The big clubs are spending.

        We cannot compete with man city , man utd and chelsea. Also same with spurs.

        So what is the solution Ziontrain

      • There is no clear “solution” to competing with Man City and Chelsea owners putting the better part of a billion pounds into a club and clearly not expecting much if anything back.

        What is clearly NOT a solution is exchanging a slow-bleed vampire (Kroenke) for a professional corporate raider (Usmanonv).

        Yes it sucks but hey the fans down own the club. We could but no, we dont have a billion pounds to buy out these guys. Just accept it and move on. Arsenal is NOT the John Lewis partnership or the Coop.

        Only in England to fans watch on while their clubs are commercialized and exchanged for hundreds of millions of pounds, then stroll around expecting that they will control club operating policy for the patrly price of a season ticket. This is laughable.

        Can you imagine buying a shop and the customers come in demanding to manage the shop – after YOU paid for it? They can give their input and you should listten but at the end of the day you have to make the decisions. If the customers dont like it, they can go shop elsewhere – and the owner can feel free to market the shot to other customers. This real life.

        At this point we are all specatators in BOTH aspects: football and business. Dont waste your time pretending otherwise.

  6. Usmanov may not be what many of us would like – a ‘custodian’ owner – but that is no longer an option. It’s Mr K or Mr U. Mr K is a profit-seeker whose business is sports outfits of which he has several, and that should make us all both suspicious and uncomfortable – whereas Mr U seems to be solely after glory. Mr K has been around for over 4 years on the BoD, and as preferred owner, Danny & Co would have deferred to him, so I guess we can surmise that wage policy, financial policy, appointment of Ivan, etc were all either his ideas or received his blessing. So what have we learned about Stanley since he became majority owner? A cautious, obstinate, unimaginative and greedy man. Also none too smart: he has spent several hundred million and still doesn’t even own the Club. That isn’t clever. Should he wish to (or have to) sell, there’s only one buyer in town – Usmanov. And he has alienated him – which isn’t too clever either. Nor is it smart to alienate the fans – fans who pay the highest ticket prices in Europe. A sensible owner would be wooing them. A man who would have been sole owner but for Usmanov – heaven knows where he would have led us; sufficient to say that he is a stated admirer of the Glazers as owners of MUFC – so I guess he would have loaded AFC with the same kind of debt. From what we’ve seen so far, the chance of Stanley restoring our Club to greatness is practically zero. Can Usmanov? Well, better SOME chance than NO chance. I don’t see him as a benefactor-owner in the mould of Roman; but then Arsenal do not need one. If the Club was well-run (which it clearly isn’t) the resources are sufficient to compete in the transfer market for the best players – provided the resources are devoted to Arsenal and not to a profit-seeking owner. At the same time, should it prove necessary to put money into the Club to achieve success, then I believe that Usmanov would – unlike Stanley (or the former owners, for that matter, who rather than invest in players, took the money in high share prices). One way or another, IMO that with Usmanov as owner Arsenal would resume its place amongst the elite.

    • Either you’re failing to grasp the basic facts about Usmanov, or you are sock-puppeting for him.

      Usmanov is not a “glory hunter” he is a corporate raider, as proven by his own actions. Its only in England that fans are clueless enough to think that “billionaire” means “stupid with his money”.

      Usmanov’s first action upon buyng Dein’s shares was to demand that the baord declare a dividend….ie demand that the club give him cash from operations to fund his share-gambling. When it the refused, he changed tack – anything to gain attention and ruffle feathers. What drugs would one be smoking to actually believe anything this guy says?

      If the guy really has cash to burn there is nothing stopping him from loaning the club money to buy players. There is nothing stopping him from asking the club to crate a special class of stock or preferred stock based on him putting in fund to buy and sell players. Has he done or asked for any of this? Nope.

      Also has Usmanov attempted a takeover? Nope – he would have to pay a premium. IN fact he is sitting there laying in wait so that someone else will take over and pay HIM.

      As for Kroenke selling, you’re delusional if you think Usmanov is “the only” buyer. There are many potential buyers….which is why Usmanov has been sitting their waiting to make a profit, while clueless fans sit expecting he gives a monkey’s about football or trophies.

      What’s the local football club in Usmanov’s home town? Ever heard of it? They must be stinking rich with all the money he puts in there. Oh, wait: he doesnt drench them with money? Why not? Is he from Islington or something? Saving the money to spend it on you? Jesus. Wake up please.

      Football fans are beyond ignorant when it comes to business. Freakin’ hilarious is the only way to describe some of the stuff one reads on blogs and comments…..

  7. You sound exactly like my Spud friends: what they fear above all is that someone might save Arsenal from Mr K. Why on earth would Mr U donate money to Mr K? Would you? Would any Arsenal fan?Football is not Usmanov’s business – it’s his pastime, perhaps his passion. The amount of money he has spent on Arsenal is ckickenfeed – comparable (in terms of his wealth) to what an Arsenal fan spends on his season ticket. It’s hardly to imagine him in it to make a profit – there are far better places where he could earn far more. Yes, he wants to own Arsenal for glory – and he will.

    • You’re babbling illogically.

      Usmanov putting up loans for transfers wouldnt be dontating any money to Kroenke any more than it would be donating it to you. Perhaps you need to read up on what a load is: it gets paid back in full.

      If Usmanov isnt willing to put up money, now then you’re delusional if you think he would donate it if Kroenke sold out to him. (Which would never happen by the way, as Usmanov is blatantly waiting for a third party to come along and pay more – he has ZERO intent of ever owning the club and putting up more capital).

      As for “glory” as a motivation, that’s even more delusional. You need to pull yourself together and grow up. There is no father christmas. If you want to control Arsenal and its transfer money, feel free to put up a billion pounds.

      And since you cant and wont, just be clear about the fact that Usmanov CAN and WONT.

      Spare me the fairtales please. Usmanov is a cash counter. He gives not a fig about you or anyone else in N1. Arsenal shares are a trading game for him.

  8. now Ziontrain and england best I have one thing to say. I rather allow Usmanov to spend money that watch the current board do nothing. Gazidis paid himself a huge dividend recently no one said nothing.

    Anyway Usmanov will not put money up for players because he is not on the board.

    Revolution is what we need.

    Suffered 8 long years, spent money on season ticket after season – for what

    • Usmanov will not put up money for players because he is a trader who is only interested in flipping his shares. This holds true whether he owned the club or not.

      In fact Usmanov isnt even willing to buy in over the share limit and be forced to pay the current shareholders a takeover premium. Because….he is waiting for some one else to turn up and buy HIM out.

      And yet there are mugs who actually think he is here to spend money. Probably the same people who think father Christmas exists. What a joke.

      You want a “revolution” – scrape together a billion pounds and buy the club. Otherwise stop fooling yourselves. Neither of these two billionaires, give a toss about you, your team, your tradition or anything else.

      It is perfectly acceptable to be dissapointed in the teams performance. Who isnt? But when you get foolish enough to start volunteering yourself as a pawn in a batttle that is WAY over your head, that’s just just dumb. Its like the kids who run around “taking sides between google and Apple or Facebook or whatever. As if Jobs or Zuckerberg actually gave a toss about the faceless mugs who buy the product. Is no different here. You might want your opinion to count – but you are a fool to actually believe that your emotions are even remotely relevant in the face of a billion pounds of investment. It’s football in 2012, not 1912 people – WTFU.

      • I am happy Arsenal lost, because that is what they deserved. You and others who do not want Dein back are living in fantasy land. You will be happy if Arsenal win a few games and we come fourth. No we do not want that. This is why the revolution is happening and I forsee the board to go RIP Hill Wood, he was and is a big thorn. Sooner he and the board goes – good.

        This is why we want Dein/ Usmanov back – at least times will be better than this!!!!!!1

      • Dein left the club. He cashed out. Spectacularly. Which was ALWAYS his plan. Anyone sitting her on a blog pining for him is, well…….

        As for his friend in money, Ghengis Khan, well pull the other leg….

      • Correct your thinking……. Dein was forced out by the board. Tell me 1 thing when Dein was there did you not enjoy the times. Fact is since he has gone we have won NOTHING !!!!!! Dein/ Usamnov have been vindicated, and they remain to be so until we do not win the Prem or champions league which I can confidently say that we will not this years and for many years until the board go.

        Regards Dein cashing out if you were forced what would you do !!!!!!
        Didnt Dein do good for Arsenal when he was there, did he not bring players in whilst there and had good negotiations skills with the players. Something this board and Wenger cannot do.

        Hill wood has survived regrettably but he and the board can go to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        with people like u can go aswell because you are Arsenal fan in disguise

      • This is laugahable..

        Dein and Fizsman were always on a plan to cash out. They injected money into a previously traditional club that needed cash infusion. D&F didn’t do so out of charity – they planned to revitalise the league (thus the “premiership”) in the process increasing the value of their asset for the time they would cash out. They kept from issuing dividends so as to maximise their exit-point value. But they were always planned on cashing out.

        And when they cashed out it was inevitable the new owner will want his/her money back.

        No surprise then, that the minute Usmanov bought Dein’s shares, Usmanov demanded that the Arsenal board declare a……dividend. I know that. Any with two brain cells to rub together knows that.

        So spare us please. It’s so amateur that you either really have no idea, or you are an Usmanov sock puppet.

        Dein is gone. And he has no influence anymore – the other clubs had already forced him off the FA before he left Arsenal. As for him being “kicked out” whatever, he was always heading for cash register exit. Whomever it was to buy the shares he didn’t care – he was actually going to sell to Kroenke first. Did you know that, while you are here hailing Dein as your messiah?

        Dein is nothing but a front man for whomever pays. If Mugabe or Putin turned up here with enough money wanting to buy Arsenal, Dein would happily front for them too.

        Utterly clueless and gullible, some of the fans here…

      • so are you defending the current plight at Arsenal? It has been nearly 8 years since we last won a trophy, and rightly so. You may be right but all the fans know that when Dein was here we were enjoying the time.

        Dein wanted to allow foreign investment because he had forseen what was happening and what was going to happen. If Dein sold his shares after a few/several years I to a large extent do not blame him, Dein may be saying to himself good luck arsenal told you so, and he is right to gloat not that he does that publicly.

        Arsenal fans madman want success, not the current plight. i think it is fans like you , who accept mediocrity, and dont worry we are mid table because the league table does not lie. We will win a few games and people will say things are ok. NO THEY ARE NOT< THEY NEVER WERE.

        You seem content with arsenal life, are u on the arsenal board or is this propaganda by one of the arsenal board. Look at life practically, people like you will die down, and the revolution will take over. Beware!!!!!!

      • The only propaganda here is being furthered by you. Are you one of the fake personas created by Ghengis Khan’s PR agency that was outed in the newspapers?

        Dein cannot say “I told you so”…..because he himself was going to sell to Kroenke and recommended that the rest sellout to Kroenke too! And that is where Dein fell out with the Arsenal board, before he sold to the Uzbek carpet merchant.

        Actually the roots of today’s problems go back to Dein. It’s all driven by his need for cash. Fizman was brought tin by Dein, because Dein needed cash. Kroenke was brought in by Dein, because both Dein and Firsman needed cash. Then Fisman didnøt like Kroenke for a while but sold to him in the end. And Dein cashed out to Usmanov.

        It’s always the same two words in the theme, mostly: DEIN and CASH.

        So spare me any cries for Ghengis Khan. He is here for cash, same as Dein and all the rest.

        Any of you who are 30-40-50 years old and still looking for santa claus, I can tell you he does not hail from Tashkent….

      • are u supporting the current plight. U really are against Dein. If it was up to you, you woudl say Dein did no good for arsenal but people like gazidis and Hill wood are good for increasing their dividends

      • “Current Plight” = Kroenke = The man that Mr Dein originally demanded the club be sold to!!!

        So now what? We’re are supposed to believe that the NEXT fat cat that that Dein dragged in (Ghengis Khan) will be santa claus? You’re delusional. Stop trying to set up false equivalents. Only an idiot would fall for this AGAIN.

      • I fail to understand where your loyalties are !!!!!!!

        Are you happy with the current plight – yes/no ?
        Have you said anything against the current board – yes no?
        Do you support kronke – yes/ no?

      • You answer my questions – which you have failed to do time and again.
        1) Who trawled up Kroenke to begin with? Wasnt it Dein?
        2) Who sold out to Ghenghis Khan? Wasn’t it Dein?
        3) What percentage of the club do you own?

        Your answers will clear up a lot of things. No I dont expect you to answer – that’s pure rhetorical, as I understand you’re a sock puppet.

      • kindly answer my questions, and I will answer yours.

        There is no doubt that things have been in considerable decline since Dein left. You should agree on that.

      • Sir, I’m not even bothering with you anymore. You failed an integrity test – you refused to answer a question that everyone with half a brain knows the answer to: Kroenke was actually brought in by…..David Dein.

        Now spare me the rest of the drivel please. You are pegged as an Ghengis Khan-paid sock puppet – and not a very sharp one either.

      • your an idiot. I am beginning to wonder if you part of the propaganda created by the board.
        whatever you say about Dein, there is not shred of a doubt that since he left we have been in considerable decline.

        Not once have you criticised the current board or wenger, not once. You are anti Dein because you are a puppet of the current board. This leads me to my next question- how much do they pay you puppet or muppet?

      • I said about Dein: he was the one who brought in Kroenke.

        The question is can you say it? Nope. Despite it being a known fact. That’s why I know you’re a muppet or a puppet.

        i’m Anti Dein because his a a self-serving twat, who put us in this current situation. If you actually interpret this as being in support of the current board, let alone a voice for them, then I’m going to have to tell you that I have encountered lamp posts with a higher IQ. But I dont think that at all, as I can see clearly that you are devious and an obvious sock puppet for Ghenghis Khan.

        Now why dont you reply by repeating my words back. It’s what you have done the whole time – that’s how creative and intelligent you are. Go back to your masters and tell them to hire someone more clever.

      • I will reason with you, but just answer this question – Have things been in considerable decline since Dein left ? Yes/ NO

        I repeat not once have you said anything against the current board. I wonder why……………

        but dont worry the revolution is coming. Today 1000 people demonstrated before the swansea game tommoroow there will be more.
        Hill Wood hopefully will die, and the others will be forced to sell or something!!!!!!!

  9. fine if you get happy he bought in kronke or usmanov – it doesn’t matter, why cant the existing board go and spend £30 million on sneider. automatically this will lift the gloom and you will see the improvements. we are not buying, whether wenger is arrogant or he has no money this is the problem. arsenal fans pay the most for their tickets and what do we get in return.

    We came to emirates for betterment – this is not the case.
    we qualify for the champions league every year but is there any point?

    Yesterday after 1-2 loss against Olympiakos Gareth southgate said live on tv and I agree with him for once it doesnt matter who arsenal will face in the champions league becuause we are NOT going to win it. simple as that !!!!!!!

    • You’re have to address the performance failure on its own. Trawling price into it is the sort of nonsense that is promoted by half-baked journalists who are in way above their heads.

      Arsenal tickets are most expensive because it’s cost base is North London real estate and the competing entertainment is at London price levels. Simple as that.

      I have not ever heard anyone ask why their house in London costs 4-5x as much as one in Manchester. Or threaten to move to Manchester.

      Stop peddling this nonsense please.

      It is perfectly possibly to complain about not winning trophies without acting as if your next best entertainment alternative on a saturday afternoon is pi$$ing for free in Lancashire canal.

  10. Dein left 7 years ago, you are still hurt and upset by him going. move on. whether he comes back or not is a different issue. The question is what have Arsenal done since he left ?
    sorry what have Arsenal won since he left – NOTHING ?

    Hence why people are asking him to come back.
    If arsenal were winning silverware here and there – would they want the ex-wife (Dein ) back no i dont think so.

    Move on criticise the current board dein has gone, criticise the current board and wenger if necessary!!!!!!!

    Why have 4 arsenal capts ( vieria, henry, fabregas and persie) and other quality players like nasri, flamini, poss hleb left in the 7 years. I still remember in 2008 we had a good team and could have won the premiership – we came third. we didnt buy Anelka or any decent player. if we had done so we would have won. Wenger is rigid, same interview always if we win we were sharp, consistent and passed the ball well. if we lose then players were tired, referee was not good, pitch was not good or some other stupid reason. wake up go to the arsenal board meeting see the fans ask questions?

    Also gazidis saying wait 2 years beofre financial fair play comes in then we will be better. so wait 2 years for jack !!!!!!!!!!

    let me ask you another question are we going to win anything this year – no. i dont class carling cup anything special but you can gloat if we do that> well Premiership forget it likewise with champions league???????

    BUt you, you can still cry about Dein

    Be part of the revolution. we want our arsenal back.

    You certainly are not an arsenal fan

    • hey dimwit, of the “captains” you listed, Viera was sold by Dein. And Henry’s departure was agreed a year ahead of time – when Dein was at Arsenal. Ashely Cole was even SOLD by Dein when Ashely didnt use Dein’s son as an agent. Talk about having your hand in the company purse!

      Go home with this half-baked nonsense about Dein. Nobody needs he. He was dead and done when he left. All he is good for is counting his money.

      • of all the points you picked up those against dein – wonder why!!!!.
        You didn’t say anything about those players after dein – blame that on dein aswell. what about persie leaving doesn’t this say anything about arsenal or the current board.

        What about buying new strong players. why cant we spend big.

        regards your stupid point about comparison to house prices in london & manchester ( who get their tickets worth ) that is not the point. the point is getting money’s worth. why dont the board spend big. and if you re going to compare then other london clubs are cheaper and more expensive in house prices than north london – idiot.

        Listen I am confident you are some dimwit or poss hill wood in hospital responding but let me tell
        you one thing – Expect the changes to come forthwith!!!. Everyone in the world can see what is happening to arsenal .

      • Of course not, no other players ever left Arsenal when Dein was here. Not Anelka, not Overmars, not Petit, not Edu, not Wiltord, nobody – oh no….

        Spare us the drivel please. Nobody gives a damn about your worshipping Dein. We have a football club here – the guy sold you and and he is rich and gone. Move on.

  11. blame Bradford’s win on Dein aswell.

    You’re one of the scums who cant see what has happened to the Arsenal team. Your’re one of those who is satisified beating the lowest prem team in the league.

    Change is needed – no question about that

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