Who is the most annoying Premier League Manager? Vote here

As a result of a twitter conversation in which Martin Jol was called rude names, here’s a quick poll to find out if he is in fact more annoying than the likes of Mark Hughes and Sam Allardyce. Not that I want to lead you to vote a particular way.

Never tried this poll functionality before, so let’s hope it works.


20 thoughts on “Who is the most annoying Premier League Manager? Vote here

  1. There are 5 nominees ahead of our usual suspect Mr 4th is a trophy

    Fergie, Mancini, Fat Sam, Pullis & Hughes

    It’s a really tough one

    Most annoying? For me, Red Nose is the most annoying

  2. Mancini for me . A clown if ever there was one . Always someone else’s fault when they lose . I get a real kick out of him when he insists that he needs another 100 million to bring in more players ! I believe he learned all his football management skills from the back page of the “Star” A real gem !

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