How Arsene Wenger Buys Players

One of the cleaners found this in the bins in Ivan’s office. I think he must have nicked it off Arsene’s desk and thrown it away. It does seem to explain what is going on. It literally works for any player in the world! Click the image to enlarge.How Arsene buys players

And before lovers and admirers of Arsene Wenger get up in arms about this post, try and keep a sense of perspective. He’s a football manager, not Mohammed. You’re allowed to take the mickey out of football managers.

By the way, for a full list of players Arsene has bought from France you can have a look here.

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31 thoughts on “How Arsene Wenger Buys Players

  1. Hows it going phil?
    Its a bit boring without the ziontrain here.
    Did he take your advice and start his own blog?

    By the way is it true Mr wenger is going to PSG when his contract runs out next year?

  2. The French thing annoys me. In the begninning he bought a lot of French players because he knew the league and clearly had his finger of the pulse of the up-and-comers – and it brought great success! He seems to try to get players from everywhere these days but France is still a good place to get really talented place for relatively little compared with Spain, Germany and Italy, but it seems like there’s more risk and I guess he’s not so close with the league as he used to be – plus there’s more competitiion. It’s also annoying how Newcastle have bought so many players from the French league and because they had a decent run last season people go on about how great it is, whereas it seems to be a criticism of Wenger.
    Still pretty funny nonetheless – I dunno what the real reason is, but Wenger/the club does seem to dither on transfers.

  3. what is that with “He’s a football manager, not Mohammed” line. That is not funny. That is racist statement.

    • It may not be funny – that wasn’t meant to be the funny part of the post. But I think you may be unclear on the definition of racism, my friend. However, if you can satisfactorily explain why it’s racist then of course I’ll remove it. I wouldn’t want any racism here.

      • No you wasn’t been racis towards gods messenger but you did open the door for it.
        I wouldn’t recommend using this kind of bait when casting out your line as your more then likely to attract the wrong kind of fish (ones that explode in your face).
        Take it off phil, its not worth the problems it could bring you.

      • The person saying that mentioning Mohamed is racist !!! I am sorry to tell you, that you are a humorless,and a joyless disgrace to you own religion Get a Grip will you
        From a Muslim man with some perspective on things!

  4. “And before lovers and admirers of Arsene Wenger get up in arms about this post, try and keep a sense of perspective. He’s a football manager, not Mohammed.”

    and who is this mohammed?

  5. Well the good news for you Phil is that by this time next year Wenger will likely be buying even more French players at PSG. Except he wont even be thinking about the price when he buys them

    And Arsenal will still have the same transfer policy. So you can move on the blame the next manager. Just take your chart and change the name and country.

    And Dein will still be in sitting around in his bathtub of money laughing at the spectacle of all this.

    • Arsene always thinks about the price when he buys players. He likes value. I know that for a fact. You’re not really dealing in facts, but you do make an awful lot of wild assumptions.

      • Its was a figure of speech, pointing out that he will be operating in an entirely different price range and no longer obliged to provide the clubs entire profit from player trading, as he has been at Arsenal. But of course you have never found a red herring that you didnt like. Facts on the other hand, dont interest you.

  6. I actually agree with the Arsene likes value stuff, its just that all too often people read value as cheap, where the implications are often very different.

    By the way, loved the chart. Wasn’t going to comment, but all of the Higuain whispers gave me an excuse to point and go ‘Hah fit that one in!’…..

    …..And then I remembered he was born in France; go figure.

  7. Funny. But I don’t think Wenger is as fast as the left section of the board indicates. He seems to think quite a while even if a player is French or playing in the French league. Add a is he cheap (to rule out moves for players like Hazard) and a dither about it for weeks (even the French transfers seem to go on forever).

    I also think the following should be added to the very top: Consider if any injured players could be regarded as new signings. (Because we heard that regarding so many players it’s nowadays hilarious).

    With these additions I think you really got it right. 🙂

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